Well Theresa May is going , thank God at long last, I’m not going to comment on her record Tris over at Munguin has done that today but I do want to comment on is this,

Tory MPs will whittle the leadership candidates down to two MPs and then 124,000 Conservative Party members will decide who the next Prime Minister is. Can you get more undemocratic than that, bad enough we don’t actually live in a proper democracy and this just highlights that fact.

When a Prime Minister resigns either the Deputy Prime Minister should have to see out the term if there is a Deputy or there should be a General Election. I really do not want Boris Johnson or Michael Gove imposed on Scotland, bad enough it’s English votes that impose the Government on Scotland but this system of selecting a leader is just undemocratic to say the least.

I despise the U.K. I really do.



    • grumpyscottishman

      Anon As I said in my post the Deputy, if there was one, should see out the term of office and if there isn’t one then an election. Nicola Sturgeon was the official Deputy.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce

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  1. Gordie

    Another excellent post and Boris is on the way. We draw a line through Scotland on the map or we become independent. That’s it (in my humble opinion).

    As an aside. If anyone gets the iScot magazine they might be aware of the series being written just now by Billy Kay on the Scots language. I speak quite a lot of Scots every day. I never really realised it initially. I eventually realised I was tailoring my speech depending on the environment I happened to be in. I have gradually given up on tailoring my tongue to suit others. While that is true I also did the Gaelic in primary school and that was the tongue of the area of my homeland I hail from and for well over 1000 years.
    Billy is on episode 6 the now. It is well worth reading. It is a fascinating read and shines a light on Scotland and who has run it (and the why they have done the things that they have done) just as bright as the land reformer Andy Wightman.

    • grumpyscottishman

      Gordie I’m not sure it will be BJ to be honest. I’m not convinced enough MPs will back him but I don’t really care as whomever they get it will be bad news for Scotland either way. I do get the IScot but I haven’t read the articles on Scots to be honest. I don’t read all the magazine I read bits and pieces but felt it was important to support it. I must admit I try to speak Dundonian as much as I can as we are losing these dialects and that is sad.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce

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  2. 100%Yes

    The tears where a bonus, and the next leader on the horizon will be worse. I won’t miss this tory or any other that walk this planet.

    • grumpyscottishman


      Absolutely awful woman and I couldn’t care less about her crocodile tears. She has led a party that has inflicted misery on millions and she only deserves our contempt and whomever is imposed on us will deserve the same.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce

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  3. Pauline

    Yes Nicola was the deputy and then she was elected by parliament . Ruth Davidson also stood to be elected but was beat by 16 to 66 votes. The following year Nicola was elected in Scottish Elections . How many votes have WM had ? I’ve lost count . And l agree there should be a GENERAL election, the Tories have proven to be incompetent for far too long .

    • grumpyscottishman


      There definitely should be a general election as she does not have an official deputy but there won’t be one. It would be like turkeys voting for Christmas and they have a least another couple of years to milk the public purse.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce

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