The Poverty Premium

I recently got my 12 year old son his first debit card as he prepares to go to High School after the summer. I did this as it’s easier just to put pocket money into his account saving me having to get cash and also to teach him about financial literacy. So the other day I put £10 in his account then later he told me he couldn’t take out the money at the machine near his school as it charges 95p per transaction and you can only take out a minimum of £10. This got me thinking about how expensive it is to be poor.

Poor people pay more for fuel, obviously to access money from some bank machines. But the other things that effect the poor are they are more likely to use laundering places, pay more for credit, insurance, shopping because they use corner shops more. Poorer people use older things like cookers, washing machines, TVs which it’s estimated add at £100 per year to their bills.

We’ve also had this week the UN reporting on poverty in the U.K. and it’s a damning report to say the least.

The report found that 14 MILLION people are living on the breadline in the U.K. They noted that

I’ve argued in this blog for a long time that the Tories were determined to take us back to Victorian conditions. The Liberals and Labour are equally complicit in this state of affairs by either propping up the Tories or disgraceful abstaining on social security votes when they could have stopped some of the worst of it, they should hang their heads in shame.

The Scottish Government have spent 400 MILLION pounds since 2015 to mitigate Tory cuts. That basically means we are paying twice, we are paying taxes and the Tories have done what they shamefully have done, we then receive our pocket money and have to use a chunk of it to try and fix this injustice to Scottish people.

Now some journalists today are expressing sympathy for Theresa May, the woman who advocates much of this misery. She deserves none, she will leave office with a nice pay off, a huge pension, and probably a disgusting title within a few years and a seat in the House of the Dead. Plus her government funnelled more than enough contracts to companies involving her husband to make sure they are millionaires.

So think about that today when you go to vote and ask yourself this question, YOU YES YET.



  1. Alan Morrison

    I don’t normally wish I’ll on anyone, but the sooner she makes her entry to the house of the dead the better.

    • grumpyscottishman

      Alan I couldn’t agree more, I never thought there could be a worse PM than Gordon Brown but there you go. Mayhem is so out her depth I’m surprised we’re not already back in the dark ages.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce

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  2. The Happy Book Blog.

    The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. What you don’t trip up over your wallet Theresa.🙄

    • grumpyscottishman

      Happy Totally, we are being shafted everyday and yet people just sit and ask for more. We are slowly becoming a new Victorian age and it’s deliberate, the financial crash was just what the Tories needed to move their agenda started by Thatcher further forward and we have been betrayed by the cowards in the Labour Party and the stupidity of let’s face it the English electorate and the cowards of the no voters.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce

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      • The Happy Book Blog.

        I agree and Theresa May is always bleating on about how little money they have, they have money alright, they just don’t wanna share it with the likes of you and me (her mindset, not mine) May is Thatcher in disguise that’s for sure. I can’t see a way forward, I’ve lost faith in all parties, but as long as Theresa’s okay, in her (nearly) £1,000 pound pair of leather pants, the world can sleep soundly tonight.

        • grumpyscottishman


          Theresa May is not only out her depth but cruel and twisted. Remember her go home vans for foreign nationals. She started this right wing hate and made it ok, esp in England. She has blood on her hands and she will never starve and she will never care. Her Christianity guides her politics, what kind of God does she worship, the Murdoch Trump kind. Despise her I really do.

          Thanks for commenting. Bruce

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