What does this tell us?

Nicola Sturgeon has said that the case for independence has not been met yet.



  1. 100%YES

    And Nicola Sturgeon is to blame she made no effort to stand or premote for Scottish Independence since she has become FM, yes she did the grand tour when we lost in 2014 and has premoted everything else since then like more MPs or MEP or keeping England in the EU or a peoples Vote and revoking article 50, but never once has she come on a rally or marches to support Scottish Independence other SNP politicians have like Angus I seen him in freedom square along with other SNP politicians. For god sake how does anyone hope to premote or win Indpendence when the leader is no where to be seen. She could be the very person who is actually stoping our Country being Independent with her insistence on asking for a section 30 order, she is failing Scotland and to me is coming across as weak, Nicola needs to stand up to the Unionist and start making the point that Britain isn’t a country it’s a state Scotland is the country not britain, Nicola need to grow a set of balls and stop trying to please everyone it aint going to happen. If a section 30 order is refused call a Holyrood election and end this union once and for all. The yes movement and the yes the supporters cannot win a referendum with out the SNP so come Nicola get moving and stop being controlled by the unionist parties.

    • Anonymous

      I think the profile needs to be higher but NS will never been seen on an independence march that’s for sure. They are too afraid of what the yoon politicians will say and the yoon media. I also have not agreed with the parties stance on the so called people’s vote, I think NS panicked in the Marr interview to back it then was stuck with it but reading the article I won’t be surprised if indy is kicked into the long grass and it will be very interesting to see how the membership react. I like NS, I think she is an excellent First Minister but Alex Salmond was a better leader.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Smac1314

    I must admit to despair. I don’t see us getting IndyRef2 as there seems to be neither courage nor confidence among the leadership of the SNP. I have said before that if they don’t use the mandate before 2021 election I will have no one to vote for. It’s still possible that Scotland will be dragged out of Europe with a no deal in October. If that happens with all its dire consequences, the SNP will have to accept some of the blame.

    • Anonymous

      I must admit I don’t really know what they are thinking other than it’s the Pete Wishart lets wait until we have 60% in the polls, the sad reality is that won’t happen until a campaign starts. They are afraid to lose, I get that, but you either win or you lose, but if you don’t try you never know. I also think they are afraid of the yoon media, look how many people the party have hung out to dry rather than challenge the media narrative, its all a pity really. I preferred Alex Salmonds approach more, NS is a better First Minister but not leader, too cautious for me. What have they been doing since 2014, they should have been talking to people all over the country, they should have been challenging the media at every turn and they should have boycotted the BBC until they got a fair hearing. The SNP are hated anyway so nothing to lose as far as bad publicity goes. If its delayed I think they will suffer with members leaving and maybe at the polls which helps no one as overall their governance is good, but good governance isn’t enough.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Alan Morrison

    I remain in watching mode, but I have said elsewhere, and possibly here too, that if the SNP let the current mandate slip by then I will resign my membership. I might also then consider switching my vote to the Greens. This might mean a Unionist majority in Holyrood but there is little point of an SNP majority if they refuse to use it. The only point of light for me in the EU ref (we do not need Brexit in order to gain independence) was seeing NS the following morning. Where has that person gone? I hope the SNP find her again soon.

    • Anonymous

      I have seen many on twitter saying similar to yurself and I have a lot of sympathy for that. I am thinking Green in the EU elections if they take place, I like their policies, they support independence and while like the rest not perfect it may be a way to go. I do think that many will feel like yourself if the mandate is allowed to run out. It will be an interesting two weeks leading up the SNP conference and they have to know that the yes movement is watching but reading the various things I have read I think it will be delayed but I hope I am wrong.

      Thanks for commenting.

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  5. Alan D

    It’s a horrible situation to be in. But independence with the mandate we have requires some kind of Brexit happens. What if it never happens? What if Remainers pull off the impossible and return a majority of votes to pro-EU parties at next month’s european parliament elections, forcing the British establishment to start talking seriously about holding a second EU referendum? And then what if that second EURef results in the whole UK remaining in the EU?

    The extension to 31 October, unfortunately, applies to IndyRef2 too. But we have time enough to call a referendum in October/November and then hold it in September 2020.

    I am still of the opinion that there wasn’t an optimal time to hold IndyRef2 in the past years. That time still has not arrived. I would do my best to campaign, but the sheer uncertainty of Brexit is devastating to any simple pro-Indy arguments that can be put, requiring plans for two or three different types of outcomes.

    Instead of (A > B > C), we end up with (if-A > 1 > 2; if-B > i > ii; if-C > aa > ab). You wanna try selling that to the average voter? Be my guest, but don’t complain to me when they slip into a coma out of boredom.

    • Anonymous

      Any sort of EU deal will stop any indy ref any time soon. I appreciate that we all have different views on when to hold, or at least, fight to hold the next referendum but if the mandate runs out it becomes even harder and is then definitely kicked into the long grass. I wouldn’t be surprised by another EU referendum given the shambles at Westminster but I don’t think any of us really know what will happen anymore. I also appreciate that the SNP can’t win either way in so many ways but they need to come out with a view at some point, it may disappoint, it may anger, it may even lose them votes but at least people would know.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. bobsblog.scot

    Exactly what I have been saying all this week ref Andrew Wilson’s tweets etc , just paving the way for another disappointment. I really do not think we will see another road map to independence until the departure is Sturgeon and Murrel

    • Anonymous

      I suspect so also, O started to really wonder with the Mike Russell interview last week, then saw some of the Andrew Wilson and Nicola Sturgeon thing and again read Nicola’s article in the National yesterday has me convinced that indy2 is about to be kicked into the long grass. The problem with this strategy is that it will cost the SNP at the ballot box, it;s a dangerous move. It’s all good and well being cautious but for me it plays into yoon hands and if you try to fight you can’t win. The SNP conference will be interesting, if it kicked down the road it will split a lot within it that’s for sure.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • bobsblog.scot

        Yes I am convinced that a referendum is about to, yet again be kicked into the long grass and we have a very small window if we are to take advantage of the present mess the Tories and Labour are in, together with the probability of getting a continuance of your membership of the EU without actually having to leave. I honestly feel there is far more behind this then meets the eye and If Nicola does kick a ref into the long grass this week I will be putting my thoughts in a blog

    • grumpyscottishman

      Gordie / Alan
      I blogged about that because Andrew Wilson was using it in tweets as evidence of his opinion that the timing needed to be longer term.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. Alan Morrison

    A lot has happened since this article. Nicola confirming an Indy ref will be sought before the next Holyrood elections, for example.

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