Let’s Welcome President Trump

Now that it has been confirmed that Donald Trump has been granted a state visit this summer I want England to welcome him with open arms.

I want him to salute the troops, I want the open carriage ride through London. I want him to stay at buccy palace and have dinner with the Windsor’s. I want him to address parliament and I want it to cost a fortune. I want Trump to forever be associated with the unionists in every way, I want to see them kiss his ass and nod and bow, I want them to look like the poodles they are and I want it all over the news.

I then want the world to see the U.K. for what it is, a shallow unimportant little union full of sycophants and royalists who care for nothing but pomp and ass kissing. I want Scots to ask themselves if this is really the union they think it is, I want English people to see the millions being spent and the opulence by which they all treat themselves. I want English people to think about that opulence and compare it to the homeless they step over every day, I want them to look at the food they are paying for so Trump and the Windsor’s, the politicians, can eat like kings when they are walking to their food banks for rations.

I want the world to see how broken this country is, I want us all to feel ashamed, then I want us all to do something about it like taking to the streets, demanding independence, demanding change. Trump, bring it on.

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8 Responses to Let’s Welcome President Trump

  1. Alan says:

    An interesting point – if they had kept the previous occasion as a full-scale state visit, this one wouldn’t be happening at all. This was pointed out at the time, but I guess maybe the UK government was hoping Trump would have been impeached and removed by now, nullifying the original state-visit invitation(a new one would probably be extended to President Pence, though).

    I’m not looking forwards to it, except perhaps to see the protests greeting him.

    • Alan
      They didn’t have to invite him for an official state visit so I hope they get the full Trump, they deserve. The man belongs in the stone age so he should fit in well with the Tories and the Windsor’s really well. I don’t think protests will get anywhere near him to be honest, this country is far from a free country.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Anonymous says:

    at least 40% of the UK (including I’d say 40% of Scotland) like him.

  3. bjsalba says:

    I hope bercow holds to no speech in parliament and the Tories fight like mad over it.

    • bjsalba
      There is a part of me that agrees then there is this part of me that would love to see him stand up and tell them they are most useless negotiators in history lol.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. bjsalba says:

    Either will make me happy as your suggestion would still upset the Tory applecart.

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