Back Door Racism?

Today’s story in the Scotsman, as well as, following Scottish Exile makes me ask myself is the new immigration policy for the U.K. (really England) back door racism.

Money has always played a part in our immigration policy for non-Eu citizens for years but now the new £30,000 skills based policy appears to be stopping Scots from returning home with their families.

I have a fair bit of experience with the Home Office and I can tell you that even 15 years ago that was garbage so I can’t imagine what people are going through now. The average wage in Scotland is a paltry £24,000 so below the threshold, years ago the threshold was still around £20,000 if I remember correctly.

The U.K. Government have even admitted that nationality is no longer important

So actually being Scottish makes no difference now, that can’t be right but then we know how much regard us Scots get in the United Kingdom. The Scottish Government have said

Reading the Exile Scot blog I have to ask myself how much the Scottish Government are doing for those with health problems but married to Scots, is our policy that we only fight for healthy people who can work, that doesn’t sit well with me at all. If a person is married to a Scot, that’s enough and they should have the right to remain, or return, and receive the same care. The Scotland I want is a compassionate one, not one based on money.

So I have to ask myself, is U.K. immigration policy back door racism, maybe even against Scots? That thought definitely both disgusts and frightens me, it’s more reminiscent of the history of the Nazi Party I was taught in school than what I hoped this country stood for. Maybe we should all be concerned.



  1. bjsalba

    Well this is what you voted Leave for, isn’t it? Farage, Rees-Mogg and Co will tell you that you knew tat at the time of the vote..

  2. grumpyscottishman

    In fairness to myself immigration played no part in why I voted the way I did but do accept that it’s a consequence for everyone who voted leave. This policy though is going much further than just ending free movement, for me it feels like economic racism and not something anyone in their right mind should support but sadly many will. It’s also disgusting that it will mean splitting Scottish families, that says even more for me, I suppose it will split English families also and I’m sure many in England wouldn’t have supported the policy either. The right have certainly taken hold and many in Scotland vote for them also, what a sorry world we live in.

    Thanks for commenting.

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