All in it together

Saw this today and thought we are definitely all in this together.

7 bedrooms.

6 bathrooms.


Separate living areas.

Servant (staff rooms).

Panoramic views of Manhattan.

All of this for one civil servant who deals with trade and purchased by Jeremy Hunt on our behalf. The apartment in a

The tower block – 50 United Plaza – is described as “a luxury residential tower occupying a prestigious location” on the website of architects Foster and Partners.

“Adding a touch of elegance to every detail, the powder room walls are fitted with glazed silk panels in a choice of either bold primary or natural colours,” they say.

“A spa in the basement incorporates a large exercise pool for residents.”

Compare this to the headline below

Ask yourself are we all in this together, are we better together. This shit hole of a country are taking us for mugs, they must be laughing their heads off at how much they rub our faces in it everyday. What a disgusting state to have to live in.

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2 Responses to All in it together

  1. trispw says:

    The only thing I can think of to say is probably outside what is acceptable on this esteemed site, so I’ll restrict myself to FFS!

    • Anonymous says:

      This country makes me more sick every day, this about MPs being able to live in luxury when they go on a jolly to New York. makes me sick when you think people are being arrested and fined for being homeless and in many cases dying on the streets.

      Thanks for commenting.

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