I don’t know if this is common, I don’t know if it is policy, but I do know it feels disgusting.

what is the world coming to when children in social housing can’t access a play area because they are in the wrong kind of housing. The argument appears to be that because the poor folk don’t pay a service charge to the people who privately rent or own the homes on the other side of the street they can’t access the area, even though all the children mix and play together, some just can’t go into the area.

Now I know some people will agree because of the service charge issue but really, is this what we have come to now, more blatant segregation, how sad is that. I despise any discrimination, be it positive or negative, but if this type of policy becomes the norm then surely we are losing our souls.

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4 Responses to Segregation

  1. Ricky says:

    This has been happening in London for a while. There was a tv show a year or two ago where a block of flats had two entrances one for owners the other for tenants. The owners also had access to a courtyard denied to tenants. It’s nothing new, it only highlights how the UK has moved in a direction that most find repulsive.

  2. Ricky
    I wasn’t aware of that. It’s unreal that England are doing this. I know we have private land etc but this just feels so wrong. Bad enough that poverty limits life chances as it is but not being able to play, really.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. David Cameron and Theresea May's Secret Love Child says:

    segregation of bald people and those with hair is a good idea

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