Something Different Special: Abject and Humiliating

I had the misfortune to see the latest Scotland match this afternoon.

First off well done to Kazakhstan, you deserved your win and could have had 5. Scotland, and in particular manager Alex McLeish, hang your head in shame.

I predicted yesterday a 1-0 defeat as I have no confidence in McLeish and never have. He is a failed manager overall and does not inspire anyone in my opinion at all.

Even today his formation and selection just did not look good at all. Scotland today played players who should just not be there in my opinion. Not one got pass marks today. Bain was poor in goal. Palmer not good enough. Bates awful, Shinnie a good player but not up for it, McKenna good player but you would think he had never played the game before.

McGinn, Armstrong, McGregor all good players did not look up for it at all today and that is down to the manager. Forest wasted as usual and McBurnie is never good enough for Scotland with Burke being over rated.

That was by far the worst Scotland game I have ever seen and the most embarrassing. The whole set up is a joke ,as are the coaching team. McLeish has to go end off and if he has any decency he will but I don’t believe he will and I don’t believe the inept SFA will act.

Scottish football is poor, it has been for a long time, it has been mismanaged by both the clubs and the SFA but today was a new low. I knew they would lose today, I just did because it’s McLeish and it’s clear the players do not want to play for him. They should hang their heads in shame, some of the players should never have been near a squad in the first place and McLeish should never have been appointed.

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2 Responses to Something Different Special: Abject and Humiliating

  1. Ricky says:

    So glad I missed it, sounds horrific. It might be our education system, we always seem to get beat with teams the players can’t spell…….. The SFA dithered on hiring O’Neil and nobody wants the job, the simple solution would be give Scott Gemmill a promotion from the U21’s and go from there.

  2. Ricky
    I had the afternoon off as working tonight. Went to work early. That was the worst Scotland performance I have ever seen and I’ve seen some bad ones. McLeish should never have gotten the job in the first place, it’s obvious he has no clue and his managerial career demonstrates that. Tactically inept, selections of players who should never be there and ultimately the SFA are to blame for the demise of our game. I think I’m at the point now where I just don’t care. I predicted 1-0 defeat last night and all because it’s McLeish.

    Thanks for commenting.

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