No Deal is better than a bad Deal?

Well it’s looking increasingly likely that the U.K. is heading for a no deal Brexit.

Listening to Parliament this afternoon, well those who bothered to turn up, May is going to bring her deal back to Parliament as her deal or no deal. Mays deal is the worst deal ever in the history of deals, she is blackmailing parliament into supporting her or its no deal.

The EU are saying there will be no extension unless Mays deal is accepted by parliament, well if they do accept it , they sign us up to a shocking deal. All the cost with no say in the decision making, at least English voters would know how it feels to be Scottish at last.

Is a No Deal such a world ending event that many claim, I really don’t know but I think that Mays deal is worse than no deal I really do.

However, I think we are edging towards that no deal and if that should come about the SNP need to be ready the next day to call an independence referendum. Nothing less will be good enough. We are at the Endgame now, we need to be ready, the future of Scotland hangs in the balance. We get this wrong we should just call ourselves North Britain like Gordon Brown always wanted.



    • grumpyscottishman

      It really is the end game now. I think May always wanted a no deal from day one but Scotland needs to be ready. I’ve not been happy with the SNP on this issue at all, it is not their job to save England but I get that opinions differ. But either way we need to be ready if it’s no deal, and if the SNP don’t make a move the next day then all of them in all parties will have failed us and deserve our contempt.

      Thanks for commenting.

  1. Ricky

    A No deal would be horrendous, you have to remember the UK isn’t a member of WTO, plus any member who trades under WTO rules has a veto. The UK has pissed off a lot of countries, just who are we going to trade with. As part of the EU we trade with 27 other countries plus roughly 70 associate countries. No deal is what it is A UK Killer.

  2. Ricky

    A No deal would be horrendous, you have to remember the UK isn’t a member of WTO, plus any member who trades under WTO rules has a veto. The UK has pissed off a lot of countries, just who are we going to trade with. As part of the EU we trade with 27 other countries plus roughly 70 associate countries. No deal is what it is A UK Killer.

  3. grumpyscottishman

    I often think the truth lays somewhere in the middle. I’ve heard some people say, like yourself, who feel it will be horrific and others who feel it will be a big change but will result in a positive outcome. I don’t know I must admit, I do think if I had a choice of Mays deal of paying billions per year with no say, no ability to even try to trade with the rest of the world and having to take all EU rules without a say, rules that could work against the U.K. then I would prefer a no deal. It’s bad enough that Scotland has no say in the U.K. but no say in the U.K. and the EU is truly horrific and something I don’t think we can accept.

    Thanks for commenting.

  4. Alan

    Any deal is better than no deal. Don’t swallow May’s bullshit from two years ago that no deal is better than a bad deal. That was designed to make no deal sound appealing to more people now than back then. It’s worked – maybe too well.

    I agree that Norway-style membership is inferior to full membership, but the deal allows for that outcome(as well as a range of other options). But I would find it an acceptable compromise. I also suspect if we step outside of the universe and look at this objectively, we’ll find that probably no other country could have left the EU with something as sweet as the UK-wide backstop protecting it. Think of what hypothetical withdrawal terms would have been agreed with an exiting Greece.

    If Parliament can find the guts to pass May’s deal, the Brexit mess will simply move onto its next chapter: Future relationship/trade negotiations. This will consume the next four years. We’re not even halfway through this.

    With the political psychodrama distracting everyone, British negotiators managed to exploit Ireland’s border concerns and veto to secure that backstop. It’s a cherry, the one single solitary cherry the EU gave us. It could yet become the wedge which drives the European Union apart in the long term. The UK negotiators pulled a blinder, it’s not really their fault that the deal is so politically unacceptable in the UK – that’s down to Theresa May’s lack of political skills.

    And… there is a possibility that the Tories have wanted no deal all along, that the last two years have been simple theater to convince us all that their Brexit failures are down to incompetence rather than intentional, carefully designed malice. If that’s really the case, then passing the deal would be the very last thing they want to happen.

    • Anonymous

      I tend to think that the truth lays in the middle of things most of the time so a no deal, while being bad won’t be the end of the world, and Mays deal, while being bad is better than no deal for many even if it means paying billions and having no say . I have believed since day one that May wants a no deal but needs to be able to blame the EU. I don’t think for one minute she really wants her deal to pass, I just don’t, she likes power and is playing the game. It’s like the people’s vote, I don’t agree with a people’s vote unless it has a remain option in it. It should be a three option vote, Mays Deal, No Deal or Remain. I guess no one knows what will happen next week, many are saying that Mays deal can’t win and that the EU will not accept a long extension unless its to hold a general election or another referendum with a remain option. I’m not a huge fan of the EU as many know, I hate how they treated countries during the financial crisis, even if those countries had crazy systems of finance, and I despise how they have treated, and continue to treat, Spain in light of their violence against Catalonia. I understand they can’t interfere in domestic issues but it doesn’t stop them when it suits, but a different argument anyway. Brexit is a shambles and it is down to the Tory and Labour Parties in my mind. They never prepared for a no vote and when it came in they should have resigned on mass and the SNP, in my opinion, are using this issue to prolong having to call a Scottish Independence Referendum. I’ve said since around 2016 that they want to wait until at least 2025 so they can argue a near generation since the last one. Joining EFTA would I think be a good compromise as you said as I have never had a problem with free movement and I don’t have a problem with the EURO either. I’ve always taken the view that if we are in the EU then we are in all the way and if we are out we are out all of the way, no one should get to cherry pick what they do and don’t like.

      We are certainly living in interesting times.

      Thanks for your insight as always.

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