What is going on in England?

Today I have seen two stories that just make me sigh and wonder what the hell is going on down south with some people.

This guy has had a total rant and it would appear he doesn’t think very much of Scottish people at all, some of his best quotes are as follows:

Sputtering sweary words into a fixed camera, the brave man calls the Scots “a complete bunch of f*****g c***s” for voting to remain in the EU.

In sweeping generalisations, the sneering ranter calls the Scots “backstabbing b******s” who “should be f*****g ashamed of yourselves.”

The furious man went on to vent: “People who want to stay in the EU are f*****g losers and you’re the losing c***s of this f*****g planet”.

So it’s clear that we are not welcome at all according to this guy and others it appears don’t fare well either in Liverpool.

You just have to wonder what is it with some people, why do they hate so much. It’s like getting into a debate with a unionist, so many get angry and foam at the mouth at the very mention of the SNP or independence, I have actually took steps back from these people as I feel the threat is very real.

It doesn’t help though that over the years we have seen headlines like those below from the Daily Mail.

and we should never forget Theresa Mays Go Home vans.

I don’t often fear for the country as we pretty much just don’t get violent all that much when in debates with each other but the times are changing. You can feel the intolerance now when you see the news or read stories on the net, none of this can end well at all.

I really struggle to get my head around the fact that many still want to stay part of the U.K. I can’t think of anything worse.

Who cares where someone is from, the colour of their skin, who they are in love with, life is just too short for all that nonsense, I just don’t get it at all.

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6 Responses to What is going on in England?

  1. cuttydarke says:

    I am starting to worry about the English. Is everything ok down there?

    • Cuttydarke
      It just seems to be getting worse, stuff you see on line, the news. Intolerance is the message now along with anger. It’s sad and you have to wonder where it ends. The sooner Scotland makes the correct decision the better.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Ricky says:

    England just wants its little country back , but doesn’t have the backbone or intelligence to realise it . They think the UK, England and Britain are the same thing , and its now hitting them straight between the eyes that they aren’t . The hatred for Scotland has always been there , in certain sections of English life , but due to Brexit , those certain sections have a louder voice . I’ve stayed in various parts of England over the years , never had any trouble , but the truth will always be Scotland and England aren’t compatible anymore politically , the union is over in all but name , and soon name as well .

    • Ricky
      How are you, well I hope. I’ve never lived in England so can’t say but from what I see and hear it’s not good. My wife is black and lived in England for a long time. She has always said she experienced racism every day in England but in 15 years living in Scotland it has only happened once or twice and by drunks when she worked in a betting shop. It just all feels like it could rip over at any time and if there is no Brexit can you imaging what will happen down there. They are reaping what they sow. As you say, England is Britain and they can’t see past that. They seem to have a romantic view of empire without realising that most, if not all, of the former colonies pretty much despise them. Who knows how it will all end.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Ricky says:

        I’m good , life just being a bit fickle for a while . I’ve been watching Gordon Ross on indycar ( through hub.scot) and he has a good take on most things including the constitution , which opens up a whole new world of thought . It still bizarre that most Scots still think we have to take this , we don’t , we can walk away at anytime , legally . I hope the SNP have a similar idea , brexit will be horrendous .

        • Ricky
          Gordon Ross is really good and has a great grasp of the issues. I don’t have his patience I must admit, or his faith in the SNP but he is very smart. I don’t get why some people want to remain in the U.K., it can only be jockholme syndrome.

          Thanks for commenting.

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