Turkeys Don’t Vote for Christmas

So Tories won’t risk a general election.

Does anyone think for one minute that the cynical, power hungry, and entitled Tories will bring about a vote on a no confidence motion to force a general election.

Tories are not going to risk their seats, they just won’t. They will go for a no deal Brexit before risking losing their personal cash cow and the risk of a Corbyn Government.

There is even talk of ending this parliamentary session, having a new Queens speech, then bringing Mays deal back to the chamber. I just cannot see that happening but no one really knows what will happen, it will all depend on the EU 27 now, if the Government ask for an extension will they get it?

It doesn’t look like it. It’s time for this farce to end. I think May should resign and that there should be a General Election, the SNP should use it to be clear that if a majority of SNP MPs are returned then we leave the union, but they won’t, and the Tories won’t.

We are in interesting times that’s for sure and no one knows what is going happen do they. Has Parliament ever been this dysfunctional, not that I can remember.

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4 Responses to Turkeys Don’t Vote for Christmas

  1. Ricky says:

    We are living in interesting times . We know that the UK is a unitary state , not a country . So just what is the legal stance for England to remove Scotland from the EU against the wishes of the Scottish people . Is there a legal duty for the EU to remove Scotland against our wishes ? Brexit , England’s version of the American comedy ‘ Soap ‘ .

    • Ricky
      It appears that the U.K. parliament can remove Scotland wether we like it or not and the EU will accept that. It is all a mess and I really can’t see a general election being called, they are too afraid to do that and add in people like Chuka A from TIG and you can see they have no principles. I don’t know what will happen. I hope the EU says no to an extension. This mess needs resolved and extensions just drag things on longer. What a bloody mess facilitated by stupid people.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Ricky says:

        They can’t remove us , they think they can , they believe they can , but they can’t . Legally the UK is a unitary state , not a country . All Scots MP’s represent the Scottish people and parliament at West Minster , the same as the Welsh , Irish and the English MP’s . They all represent the 4 parts of the UK at West Minster . It is not a English parliament that oversees and rules the UK . That is the big mistake that the Tories, Labour and the press seem to forget . And since the speaker used a law from 1604 , a 103 years before the union of 1707 , it proves that there is no UK or British constitution , only an agreement or a understanding of how things have been done and can still be done . This could possibly open legal challenges on brexit and reserved matters , that aren’t actually reserved just nicked .

        • Ricky
          I won’t pretend to understand the legal aspects at all. I think, and have done for a long time, that May wants a no deal Brexit but needs the EU to be the bad guy. I suppose Article 50 could be revoked but that could cause riots in England. I hope the EU say no to any extension, this has to end now. I appreciate many will say the U.K. will collapse, good, it will bring us closer to Indy and that for me is fine as it will take that to wake enough people up.

          Thanks for commenting.

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