Something Different: Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1

Dipping back into music again for this Something Different I thought I would look at this classic album from George Michael.

Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1 (1990).

This is a fantastic album and for me the best George Michael album by far. I remember hearing Praying for Time and absolutely loving the track. I also had the Faith album which was/is a very good album but the seriousness of the lyrics in Praying for Time just felt like a huge move forward.

I couldn’t wait for the album to come out and I wasn’t disappointed at all. A far more acoustic album compared to anything Wham had done previously or the Faith album. This album was just a joy to listen to and get into.

I was listening to it yesterday and it is still brilliant. There really are no bad songs on this album at all. Freedom 90 is excellent, They Won’t Go When I Go is broody and haunting. Something To Save is a beautiful song, Cowboys And Angels another song that just flows. Waiting For That Day and Mother’s Pride make you think while Heal The Pain and Soul Free just show that George Michael has reached the top for me.

I was sad when he passed away as he had so much more to give musically and we probably hadn’t seen the best from him. This album though is just a pure joy to listen to and I would encourage everyone to give it a go, one of my favourite albums of all time.

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2 Responses to Something Different: Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1

  1. JazzerStix says:

    A fantastic album. My favourite three tracks (in no particular order) are ‘Cowboys And Angels’, ‘Mother’s Pride’ & ‘Heal The Pain’. Thanks for reminding me of this great album.


    • Jim
      It really is an excellent album. I mostly find George Michael hit and miss but the style of this album really suits the music I tend to listen to. Brilliant album.

      Thanks for commenting.

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