May is a liar, she has always been out her depth, she is vindictive, and she is cruel. She should have resigned last night as soon as she lost that vote but what am I thinking, she doesn’t do decency.

People have died because of her policies, people have taken their own lives, people have been pushed into poverty and homelessness, people have lost their jobs.

The NHS in England is a mess, crime at an all time high, businesses and money are fleeing the U.K. She gave over a billion pounds to bigots to prop up her government, May surrounded herself with the most useless ministers in UK parliamentary history, who have also wastes millions.

May has treated Scotland with nothing but contempt and loathing, she has laughed us off and said we don’t matter.

May is a horrific excuse for a human being and MAY must be forced to resign.

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8 Responses to May MUST RESIGN

  1. smac1314 says:

    As usual Bruce you are spot on. But she won’t resign because she loves power. However she is guaranteed a place in history as the worst prime minister of this shambolic union.

  2. smac1314
    I can’t remember ever seeing such a shambles, it’s like Westminster has become Scottish Labour. I think she should go and hope for a total nut job right winger, anything that gets us closer to Indy suits me. She won’t go though you’re correct, she’ll do anything for power.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The emptiest vessell makes the most noise.

  4. g m says:

    Boris johnson is the nailed on leader post Brexit. Brexit is happening and Boris leading the tories after a hard brexit would absolutely murder labour at a UK election. He’d get 40% plus easy. A Massive majority. Every brexit supporter and his dug would vote for him on a ‘make Britian great again ticket’. Plenty folk on either side in England buy into it on the national unity/ we have to pull together trip.
    Its a done deal then. We are oot.

    • Anonymous says:

      I thought Boris was a lot less popular now with Tories, I never follow the betting on their next leader to be fair. He would probably would get a lot of support, Labour are a waste of space now. They have no clue what they believe in, their policies are all nonsense and people see that plus England has shifted right no matter what the called North of England want. The country is in a mess, spending and wasting money like no ones business, they have got to be printing it on the fly, total shambles.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. g m says:

    I give the union 9 months max. I promise to try not to forget this and therefor no lose the heid with tossers during this period. I’ll call it purdah. The end is indeed nigh and Hallefuckinlujah

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope you’re correct I really do. There seems to be mixed opinion after last night, some people think it’s closer like yourself and some think it is further away. I’m not sure what to make of the last couple of days to be honest. I think if there is a long delay to Brexit that really delays independence for a while, if Article 50 is revoked that kills it in my opinion for a long long time. I kinda hope the EU tell the UK to f off now as it’s been a joke for a long time and they have to be seriously annoyed at being messed around like they have.

      Thanks for commenting.

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