This is what annoys me

Nicola Sturgeon tweeted today about something I completely agree with Nicola on, but it’s also what annoys me about the recent comments from Ian Blackford as well as Nicola.

Nicola you have the power to start a process that would end things like the unelected leader of the DUP having more power over Scotland than Scotland’s own elected representatives.

You have the power to demand an independence referendum, you have the power to set out the route that Scotland can take in the event of any demand being refused.

Nicola use the power you have as both First Minister and leader of the SNP, we have waited long enough, are sick of cryptic hints, are sick of the U.K , sick of our third class status, sick of the lies, sick of subsidising the rest of the U.K.

Nicola call it and call it now.



  1. g m

    In my view if we go now we risk losing. If we wait the state continues to deteriorate and we have a healthy majority to take to a vote. British propaganda is stronger than Scottish propaganda and the British state can still pay the same groups in Scotland that it has been paying for decades. It is therefore still in control of most of our institutions and media. That leads to the general punter still talking in terms of a vote in a few years time rather than right now. As far as I can make out there should now be enough people who have shifted from NO to guarantee a win but worryingly there is a not dissimilar number of people who have shifted the other way to keep to the things in the balance. That said we have already won the argument. it was won before the union happened actually. That’s an element in the psychology of the debate that goes against us.
    Keep building. Embassies are being opening abroad. A bank and a currency is now a stated aim, a revenue service and a welfare system are being sorted right now. The odd mistake aside the SNP are doing a good job in difficult circumstances and people are noticing it despite it all. We need a vote before the next Scots parliament election but not now. The British state has a bit of crumbling to do first and then the punters have to demand it. Once it is clear the punters are demanding it the arse followers and the arse lickers (who is the boss? I’ll vote with him) will shift to the winning side. The Great British payroll will be slashed in due course and we will start to see former employees /rats leaving the sinking ship. We need to hold our nerve. We aren’t there yet. The SNP are campaigning for independence now and they are doing things like challenging the media but they don’t have any friends in the press (see ”arse lickers)’. We need to stick with the pro indy parties, in particular the SNP at the next general election. We can give them a shoeing if we so desire after we are independent and the negotiations have completed but they are the vehicle we need to get on board if we want a country to call our own.. if we don’t stick with them (and criticise them from within and get them to move on issues like a public bank and currency) we hand Scotland to the worst shower of viscious, corrupt, Scotland hating bastards on the planet. So that’s my opinion we waited this long a wee bit longer won’t kill us. How long? i’d say around June next year if the state hasn’t folded before that and that’s a possibility.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I totally understand your reasoning as your view is shared by many. I’m just in the other camp. I really do believe that the longer it goes on the more difficult it will become to get to even a referendum. Any delay in Brexit is a disaster for Scotland and a soft Brexit likewise. I totally understand about the investment bank, Scottish hubs etc but that does feel a little too late. The SNP campaign for another EU referendum confuses some people who see this but not any great fight for Indy although the language has subtly changed. I don’t see a referendum before 2021 now, I just don’t think the SNP want that, I suspect they would like to delay to least 2025 so they can argue the generational thing. I think people will stick with the SNP for the least overall decent governance but if they feel betrayed that will change.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. g m

    .. A possibility if demand for Indy grows and the state looks to negotiate terms. How is England placed with 85% of the population and a fraction of our natural resources?

    • grumpyscottishman

      There is no way that England will allow itself to be worse off and no doubt Scotland will take on some of the debt. What I would think is a bargaining chip is trident, but hopefully that would go.

      Thanks for

  3. grumpyscottishman

    I would love it be that early but I just don’t see it. I’m thinking around 2025 by the time it actually happens for a lot of reasons. I really hope I’m way off though.

    Thanks for commenting.

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