Brexit Deal?

So we are away to find out what Theresa May and the EU have agreed tonight. If there is a deal then it will probably be the worst deal in human history. Will it pass in Parliament tomorrow? If it does then I think it will kill Indy stone dead and the SNP will have missed the boat. I guess we will find out soon.

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8 Responses to Brexit Deal?

  1. Bob nugenr says:


    • Bob
      I hope so, I suppose the worst possible outcome would be Brexit being delayed and article 50 being pulled. I’m that case I don’t think the SNP will call indy2.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Neil Anderson says:

    May’s deal or bad deal, the majority think Independence is better. Keep the heid.

  3. Alan says:

    18 days until IndyRef2 is irreversibly triggered.

    Starting to look like we’ve been heading for a no deal Brexit by default designed to look accidental all along. I hope I’m wrong, but there it is. I don’t see how Westminster can avoid that outcome now.

    PS: Please consider your usage of “kill indy stone dead” as a catchphrase. Say it often enough and it could become a self-fulfilling prophecy… it’s also unreasonably inaccurate. I don’t think Indy support will ever dip below 40%. Ironically, First Past the Post will now keep it alive as long as we’re in the UK.

    • Alan
      From I’ve seen it looks like at the very least it will be delayed but I really hope I’m wrong. I’m not the only one who thinks that anything less than a bad or no deal makes indy more difficult. I really hope I am wrong, I really do. I’m working tonight so won’t see the debate but fingers crossed it goes in a way that benefits indy.

      Thanks for commenting.

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