Comment: You might have just lost my vote

I wrote last year comment that if the SNP broke the deal with public sector workers and awarded teachers more than the rest of the public sector they would more than likely lose my vote.

I said at the time that I could not support a party that broke its own fairness policy. Now I’ll need to get all the details, but it looks like teachers will receive up 7% more next year than the rest of the public sector, if that is true the SNP just lost my vote.

It is completely unacceptable to me in every way, and it won’t just be me. To treat teachers differently from cleaners, home care workers, youth workers, nurses is unacceptable in every way. I will certainly support any strikes that come as a result.

The SNP are doing their best to lose with decisions like this, be it on their own head. It will be sad that this betrayal will result in a loss of votes but it will. I know people who will return to Labour and I will go Green.

Some views from others. The SNP have made a huge mistake today.



I decided to write to my MSP Joe Fitzpatrick. This is what I wrote.



I am writing to you to express my disgust at the pay award made to the teaching profession (although this is not about teachers per say) compared to the rest of the public sector. The SNP manifesto talked about treating the pubic sector fairly, what was done yesterday was a slap in the face to every other public sector worker in Scotland, the message being you are less valued than your teaching colleagues. I have always supported the SNP over the last 12 years, and have voted for yourself, but will no longer be able to do that, you might also find that many others like me will be feeling the same this morning. I have certainly spoken to colleagues since last night who are expressing both their anger and disappointment while saying that they will no longer vote for the party.

The SNP for me, while no longer a member, was always a party that stood up for fairness, a party that could be trusted. A party that had over the last 12 years showed good governance, well that ended yesterday for myself. Public sector pay is an important issue, when we should have been awarding the very lowest the better rises the Scottish Government have caved into the teaching unions while support staff within schools for example lose their jobs due to cuts, that makes you no different than the rest of the parties in my opinion. I appreciate that the Scottish Government cannot make everyone happy, and there is in fact no magic money tree, but to make this award, as I said, is a huge slap in the face.

I cannot express how much I feel let down today and it is sad that I will no longer have a party that is worthy of my vote.

Yours sadly

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9 Responses to Comment: You might have just lost my vote

  1. Bob nugent says:

    Not happy either, BUT

    • Bob
      It’s the principle, everyone in the public sector deserves a decent pay rise , teachers included, but to have fairness at the heart of your manifesto and then tell everyone else in the public who isn’t losing their jobs to cuts that they are worth 4% less is unacceptable and I will not vote for a party who does that I just won’t. It makes them no better than the yoons to me. They need to reopen pay agreements with the rest of the public sector. They have made a huge mistake, they will have not considered the anger this will cause and they will lose votes, a lot of them. My whole office is virtually SNP, it won’t be on Monday.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Alan says:

    Bear in mind there are strong links between various trade unions and Scottish Labour. It is very easy to see how no-win scenarios can be forced due to this. It’s an old British strategy – sow divisions and conquer.

    I feel disgusted, but I can’t condemn the teachers. It’s the leadership of EIS, GMB, Unite and so forth who have collectively fucked up on this. They’ve let down the rest of the public sector.

    • Alan
      In the SNP manifesto at the last election they put fairness at its heart, they said that the public sector would be treated fairly, paying teachers 4% more with add ons ontop is a betrayal to the rest of the public sector. It’s not about individual teachers, although there is no way they deserve this rise in my opinion, it’s the principle. People in schools in Dundee are losing their jobs, lower paid support staff, while they have slapped everyone else in the face and said you’re worth less. I will not accept that in any shape or form. I will probably not vote now to be honest. Labour and the unions are of course linked but this is not about them, this is about fairness.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Pete Roberts says:

    You’ve fallen into the Labour trap

    • Pete
      I haven’t fallen into any trap. This mess is of the SNP making. They put fairness at the heart of their last manifesto, they said the public sector would be treated fairly. In awarding one part 4% more at least is an absolute betrayal on top of suppprt staff in schools losing their jobs due to cuts. I said last year that if they did this they would lose my vote and they have. If they want to gain back my trust then reopen negotiations with the rest of the public sector and stop cutting the lowest paid vital staff to appease those with excellent terms and conditions now. I feel angry and betrayed and will not support a party that is no better than the yoons on this issue, I would rather not vote at all. I may even end this blog as I am so dejected today.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. billy says:

    i think the teachers pay strike has been made more political by the unions and unionist trying to use it as a propaganda tool to harm the snp knowing things are coming to a head with brexit and indie ref will be announced not long after march i know all public sectors deserve a decent pay rise.
    and will probably get one after indie so i think the snp has nipped the unionist propaganda plan in the bud.
    as you know a strike could last a long time giving the unionist plenty ammo to attack the snp
    brexit exit date is not far away now so independence supporters need to stay united to get scotland over the indie line. i wish i was a better at this writing game spell checkers working overtime as well as my brain

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t blame the teaching unions I really don’t, they fought for their members and got an excellent deal, no one forced the Scottish Government to bottle it but they did. In doing so they have slapped every other public sector worker in the face, especially the nurses, the home care workers, the pupil support workers. If you want to de-motivate an already demotivated staff there you have it. John Swinney saying that the rise will come out of central government funds makes no difference at all as it’s past on to local councils either way in less financial support, I can’t be bothered with that nonsense anymore. I passionately want independence but I cannot support a party that has badly let me down, let down thousands of others and broke their pledge, I just can’t. In this decision they are little different from the yoons. I know there is no magic money tree, I get that but you cannot treat one part of the public sector so much better than the rest, implying that somehow they are more worthy when everyone in the public sector works hard and have suffered just as badly from austerity, and in some ways a hell of a lot worse than the teaching profession.

      Thanks for commenting.


  5. 100%Yes says:

    One thing is for sure Sturgeon is no Alex Salmond and she could never hope to be, I reckon well all come to regret Alex ever stand down, I know I do.

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