I wouldn’t and

It is being reported today that the First Minister would be happy to work with Labour to stop Brexit or bring about another EU Referendum.

Now in fairness to the First Minister she didn’t say Labour she said other parties. But that’s not what interested me about what was quoted it was this.

Now I would have nothing to do with the other parties, certainly the unionist ones, but I would like the First Minister to put as much effort into the next independence referendum than she is for another EU one. You see I agree with the First Minster, people clearly did not have enough information, but in 2014, and like the leave campaign, Better Together told a pack of lies. So on the First Minsters logic that alone makes an indy2 referendum a must have.

First Minister can I say that I think the priorities are wrong and the campaign for a referendum be the Scottish one, not the English one.

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4 Responses to I wouldn’t and

  1. Brian says:

    Maybe that will be her deal. Have my 35 votes for an agreement that Indyref2 and Brexit2 referendums take place side by side.

    • Brian
      I’m not so sure, I think there is a real fear at losing and I also suspect that they get rattled when the unionists say once in a generation. I would prefer a harder line and more of an Angus MacNeil approach.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. 100%Yes says:

    Thats for your article Bruce, I have just stated these same facts on the National and been told I’m a unionist troll. What have we learn’t in the last couple of week 1st a couple of week is acually a couple of months or more, 2nd Progress Scotland for polling 3rd CITIZENS’ ASSEMBLY all these thing will take month if not year to arrange 4th more interested in a second EU referendum 5th there is no mention proposal of a second referendum in conference in April. A vote on Independence isn’t going to happen any time soon I sugest we both vote for the Greens.

    • 100%Yes
      I never go on the National website, maybe I should. I totally agree with you, you would have thought that certain things would have been put in place before now. I don’t get the assembly’s things at all, just smacks of the growth commission meetings in that let’s have more meetings. Sometimes you just have a get on with it, you can only talk for so long and if you don’t act you look weak and stupid.

      Thanks for commenting.

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