Maslow and the Tories

Being a Community Educator is my day job, and part of that at the beginning was the study of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

I think most people aware of Maslow’s work would agree that he was spot on about his hierarchy of need. I would also go as far as saying that a Governments job should be to ensure that as best possible these needs can be met, this would be the measure of a decent society.

So starting at the bottom how do the Tories meet the need of say water, food, shelter, clothing, and reproduction.

As expected the Tories do nothing for the basic needs required by people. What about our security, employment, resources, health, and property.

Ok so on level two the Tories fail on every level. Surely they will meet some of level 3. These are friendship, intimacy, family, and a sense of connection.

Not so good for family, companionships, or community in Tory Britain then. Surely they will get something from highest level, surely we live in a country where anyone can rise to the top.

Nope unless your rich and posh you have virtually no chance of every reaching the top.

So there we have it, the Tories, and we could also say the red and yellow ones to a certain degree, make no effort to meet our physiological needs, the most basic ones we need to survive. The don’t meet our safety needs, in fact they make them worse. The Tories have designed policies that not only rob from the bottom levels but make achieving level 3 impossible which is love and belonging . They have actively tried to strip people of any sense of level 4 which is esteem, and well self actualisation is just a pipe dream for 99.9% of the country.

The Tories are scum end of.



  1. trispw

    First class research there.

    It’s hard to believe that they still think themselves one of the top nations in the world while all this is going on.

    And in the meantime that twat Gav Williamson is talking up gunboat diplomacy and sending an aircraft carrier to the South China Sea, where there is a dispute between a load of countries in the region about who owns some tiny unpopulated island.

    This, of course, is a matter into which Britain (which has just issued instructions saying that it will be illegal to eat cats and dogs) feels obliged to poke its ignorant and interfering nose.

    Doubtless, the Chinese leadership is fair shitting itself, especially as the aircraft carrier is short of some aircraft.

    What a pile of incompetent self-important pr***s. What a laughing stock.

    And what a mess for people living in this shithole.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, I just thought I would have a wee look when I was reading a bit of research the other day about community, or the slow but sure destruction of it every time the Tories are in power.They are deluded, racist in many cases, elitist, and snobs end of. I just wish people would wake up and see these horrible people for what they are. I live in hope.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Neil Anderson

    To be honest, what are any of us (and I include myself, sitting here in the pub on a Monday night) doing about it? We whine and bitch on “social” media.
    I don’t doubt for one second anyone’s sincere concern for the storm that assails us. All of us.

    But that’s all we do.

    I think the reality is that we need a blood sacrifice. We need a martyr. Or two.

    When the time comes and we are asked the question, you have to be prepared to die for what you believe. Can you say that you are?

    I am prepared to die for what I want the world to be.

    Some of us need to die, not hidden in our isolation, but on the street. In full view of the rest of the world.

    That day draws near.

    Let me introduce myself.

    • Anonymous

      There will come a tipping point in Scotland at some point, Scots are very slow to get going but once they do I suspect nothing will stop us. Sad to say it but more people need to be hungry, more people need to be lost, and more importantly more people need to be insulted, and when they are I think the Tories won’t know what’s hit them. That time is coming, my way to go on the front foot is to blog and march when I can, my little blog won’t make a huge difference but I have had some people say they have changed their minds as a result of reading it and looking into things for themselves. I don’t want anyone to lose their lives that’s for sure but who knows we might need direct action in the future, I wouldn’t condone it or even support it, but the way the UK is going it would not surprise me if things get bad enough.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Neil Anderson


    You would not condone or even support direct action, even though you state that direct action “might” be needed in the future. You would not “even” support direct action. I’m bound to ask, what would you support? No country ever gained it’s independence by voting for it. Not one. So, direct action will need to be taken. I guess we’ll just have to go without your support when that happens then. Nae bother pal.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I don’t think I could to be honest but then I don’t know what I would do if say my kids were starving, I would probably do whatever I had to. I hate violence to be honest but I understand why people would use it. It’s a real tough one, you have certainly posed the ethical dilemma for me.

      Thanks for the dilemma lol.

    • Alan Drew

      Not many have successfully voted for independence and then achieved it. However, there appears to be at least dozens. One example, Malta voted for independence from the British state in 1964 – despite overwhelmingly approving an “integration” referendum eight years earlier, in 1956.

      I agree that some form of direct action might be desirable, but it must not be violent. Why? Because of Police Scotland. They’re Scots, every one of them and they’d be on the front line against that sort of thing. The result would be catastrophic. Scots set against Scots. No to that, please. Ireland went down that path and the costs were and continue to be very large.

      Peaceful and effective direct action is possible. Gandhi proved that. Malta proved it too. Czechoslovakia divorced without violence. We don’t need a war to win. Leave that sort of bloody glory-seeking to the British nationalists.

  4. Neil Anderson

    Oh, and by the by. Property IS theft. Vis a vis, Maslow’s second step in the “hierarchy” of needs. How needy is that?

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