I’m not making it up

If you explained the ministerial roles in the U.K. to someone from abroad they would think you are taking the Micky. Did you know we have a

Minster for Suicide: Jackie Doyle Price Tory MP.

Minister for Homelessness: Marcus Jones Tory MP.

Minister for Loneliness: Tracey Crouch Tory MP.

There are also demands for a Minister for Hunger.

This country is a joke, the reason we need Ministers with Titles that would shame a normal country is issues like the story below

But you have to ask yourself if these ministers are in post to prevent suicide, homelessness, loneliness, and possibly hunger, or Minsters with the role to CAUSE THEM.

Homelessness is up 49% and rough sleeping 169% in England since 2010. Food parcels given out in 2017/18 totalled 1.3 million. 49% of people who have to endure the fit for work test (Labour introduced it) have attempted Suicide

Around 350,000 people are sanctioned by the DWP every year. While we see headlines such as this below

While the true story about fraud goes unreported and our glorious MPs continue to look after themselves and their own.

I appreciate that some of this is old news. But it certainly puts things into perspective when people on social security are going hungry, losing their accommodation due to Universal Credit, committing Suicide due to having disabilities payments refused, living lives of loneliness due to cuts in social care. Local government workers continue to lose their jobs due to cuts and all of this before the shambles that is Brexit.

I am writing this blog in the hope that some people will share it, we cannot lose sight of the real issues in this country, caused by the British Nationalists in the three Tory Parties (Tory, Labour and Liberal). If there is a general election soon,and you live in Scotland, think very carefully before you vote, any vote for a non Independence Party is a vote for hunger, death and homelessness, and I am not joking.



      • Marconatrix

        The wonder really is that things have been allowed to get so bad. The UK is not an especially poor or selfish nation. How did this quite intolerable situation creep up on us?

        • grumpyscottishman

          You have to wonder, have we become so beaten, are we cowards. It beggars belief that we put up with this shit nowadays, even in the 80s people took to the streets. I’ve recently said I’m willing to strike to fight council cuts but I know most won’t. They won’t want to lose any money when they should be making a point. I am generally afraid for the future now in this country if people don’t get off their knees.

          Thanks for commenting.

  1. billy

    this state of affairs was reached by voter apathy like you said tory labour liberal all sharing the same doctrines just spinning it to suit their own agendas meanwhile poor get poorer rich get richer nhs gets privatised all parties have been colluding for the past 2 to 3 decades again putting their own spin on it policies just the same so voter apathy doesn’t matter who you vote for all the same poor getting poorer etc so what’s the point leading to brexit job done tories win again poor gets to pay for the rich to get richer welfare system upended to serve rich workers rights up in smoke cannot see a way out labour liberals do not want help suits their own agendas so why vote?

    • grumpyscottishman

      Voter apathy is certainly an issue that none of the parties really do all that much about, my Dad used to say the politicians would shit themselves if everyone voted and he was probably correct. I think the voting system is rubbish, we should have a purely PR system so that every vote counts and that parliament represents the vote but again people are lied to about what that looks like as the Tories and Labour prefer minority governments as it;s mostly them who benefit. I think we will see more privatisation in health in England certainly and that will have a role in the amount of money Scotland gets back from it’s taxes, we are sleep walking into a disaster and only independence will save us in the long term. It won’t benefit me so much as I’m 50 now but ast least it will future generation of Scots a better chance. The British Nationalists are killing this country, stuffed with vested interests and all for the 1%, you have to wonder what it will take for people to fight back.

      Thanks for commenting.

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