I haven’t really talked that much about the Alex Salmond case but saw this tweet today from Craig Murray after the Scottish Government case collapsed.

I think there has been a total witch hunt against Alex Salmond in the media and I do think the SNP have form in hanging people out to dry. Michelle Thomson, Alex Salmond, and Grouse Beater in my opinion were wrongly found guilty before any investigation or case was held.

Know I don’t understand why the allegations regarding Alex Salmond are taking so long to investigate and like the Michelle Thomson case it does start to feel like a witch hunt. It also does look like Lesley Evans the Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government should resign as her job has become untenable.

If Craig is correct, and there are emails that show a political witch hunt, then they should be released. When I think back to the Thomson case the investigation took forever, she was smeared all over the media, hammered by yoons in the Parliament and then found innocent. At that point her political career was over, the SNP looked weak and unsupportive of their own members and this smacks of the same.

The longer the Police take to reach a decision, it starts to feel weird and Alex Salmond will be ruined if it turns out he is innocent. If there is a case to answer then anyone has to face the consequences of the law but, and I don’t think of myself as a conspiracy theorist, this case just smells.



  1. Brian

    Nicola and the SNP want always to be squeaky clean. Even if you’re Alex Salmond, you get thrown under a bus.
    That’s the way of it.
    Doesn’t mean she should support Evans or the investigator. Their conduct stinks.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I’ve tended to avoid all of these things, but they stink and the SNP have a shocking record of not supporting people. It’s just all games and a reason why I now avoid political parties as they are toxic and game players. I do think the Evans person should go as her mistake by all accounts has cost a half million pounds. The case itself is also taking so long, why is that the case with cases involving politicians. Just does not feel right at all.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Jim McQueen

    This case against him was not from the SNP or SG it’s from UK agent who is connected to Mundell. Enough said

      • grumpyscottishman

        Certainly Craig Murray’s tweet is interesting and it looks like he may publish more when the case against Alex Salmond reaches a conclusion but the more I followed it today the more it started to smell a bit.

        Thanks for commenting.

  3. Helena Brown

    I have watched the machinations of our Unionist press and you should remember that the British Government have a long history of this sort of thing. I have to agree that the SNP are too quick to drop people they see as possible threats, they should be saying that those who bring false claims, that they will sue on behalf of those like Michele Thompson and Grouse Beater. I also am concerned at the length of time the Natalie McGarry case is taking, surely natural justice should have seen this before a court by now or as I rather suspect it is held up to spring it as soon as indie2 is called. Same with Alex I suspect.
    Alex Salmond does not come over to me as a sexual predator, I have met some men who have made my flesh creep. He has been married a long time, and if he was I would think this would have been exposed a long time ago.
    Like you the smell of this out reeks the offal fish lorry.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I don’t know about Alex Salmonds innocence or guilt and like everyone else we will have to wait and see but I know that many like Wings think it will be strung out for years, there could be a case to answer or maybe not, but by then he is tainted and ruined either way. We just don’t know though. I know that today when I was following it it all felt like it smelled of a bit of a stitch up and I would not trust the British as far as I can throw them and certainly many don’t like Salmond. I must admit I never took to McGarry but again why is it all taking so long, cases against the dirty unwashed don’t appear to take years so why are these cases different, it does make folk wonder. Thomson may have broken SNP rules as gm below says but she wasn’t guilty of a crime but was hung out to dry in my opinion. Hopefully we will get to learn more soon for everyones sake.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. g m

    Michelle Thomson was innocent and the press tried to ruin her anyway(albeit she was earning [an altogether honest] living buying and selling council houses. The SNP has a long standing policy against doing that). McGarry was a complete chancer and eventually got found out. Salmond, we’ll need to see how it plays out. I would love it to be a stitchup and the poress to get sued bankrupt but I do not know. Let justice be done I say.
    You are dealing with a supremely arrogant, bullying, amoral beast in the press. When they try and ruin innocent people you have to call them out on it. Michelle Thomson should have been defended on that basis even if she was not then reselected and taken back into the party. Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership of the SNP has been littered with these incidents where as Salmond used to noise the press up a bit more. She seems just to shrug the shoulders although I note the tone has changed a bit over the past year or so.

    There needs to be more fight, you would think we are already and independent country and life was going along just braw. Maybe time for a leader with a bit more fire in their belly, or maybe not. I like Sturgeon as a person I think and as a first minister but she has been posted missing with regard to leading the charge for Independence. I really don’t know. I hope she comes through in the end because to my mind she is a decent person and that I believe that to be a rare quality at that level. Again I don’t know the answer but we are about to find out. Exiting times though.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I have heard people say that Nicola Sturgeon is the best First Minister we have had but is not a good leader of the party, I am not a member and will never join a party again but I can see why they would say that. I think Alex Salmond was more confrontational with the media and that I think is how the party has to be. If I was to choose a leader of the SNP I would go for Mike Russell, he has always impressed me as someone who takes no crap, Nicola is a good First Minister but as I have said before she has always been in politics and is ingrained in how it works, the issue with that is we know that it;s broken and Nicola is maybe not the answer to fix that. I also believe the SNP are far too cautious and something needs to give before they are just viewed as part of the establishment and that will lead to defeat at some point.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. g m

    Been going though Philip Sim’s twitter feed of the case today. Pretty damning for the Civl servant leslie Evans whether its a mess up or a stitch up I do not know but the SG need to be more hands on with the procedures that they sign off on. Singing off on this This one was a template for a lynching dressed up as complaints procedure.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I think a person who makes a mistake that costs a half million pounds has to go, she won;t though and appears to have the support of Nicola Sturgeon but it smells like a witch hunt and I would love to know what was in the emails that Craig Murray talks about. Hopefully we will find out more soon.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. g m

    Maybe a muddle not a fiddle (though provinding the story to the daily record was a sacking issue in my view). All that aside.
    I’ve had a think and I am confident Nicola Sturgeon will play a blinder here. She is keeping her cards close to her chest i’ll say that because I’ve been on twitter lines of all the SNP MP’s and damn near all of them are champing at the bit for Independence right now. Just short of screaming at their boss to go for it.

    Jesus some job she has man. Has to do the FM stuff as well and I am on the noise up about the SG missing a civil service complaints procdure fuck up?. I need to get real and ask myself this. Do I trust Nicola Sturgeon to do everything in her power to deliver the Scottish Independence given all the other pressures of her work? I do and I am keeping the faith with her leadership.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t envy Nicola Sturgeon at all, totally agree there. I have often said she can’t win either way as you have people like myself who would like to see more direct action and others who want to tread slow and steady. It’s just differing opinions and they are important as well but no judging the right time is never going to be easy.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. Bob Nugent

    This shows the tenticles of unionist corruption, They have attacked the single person who
    Stands for all the independence movement and they will stop at nothing
    To disgrace him

    • Anonymous

      I certainly don’t trust any of the BritNats or the British Government in any shape or form. It definitely smells dirty, I don’t know if it’s deliberate or not but the BritNats landed lucky, but it stinks. I also agree the British will not hold back as we saw with Better Together, they lie and cheat, with the help of their media. We will have to be on the ball the next time but at least the starting point is 45% at least not the 24% the last time, that’s one of the things that scares them.

      Thanks for commenting.

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