Talking Pish to a new level and no it’s not me!

Ed Husain has an article in the Torygraph that shows a serious lack of self awareness about Britain.

Ed says that:

For centuries, Great Britain has guided the globe. Now, the world needs us to do so again. We must stop apologising for the past, and start advancing again as a free nation at home and abroad. The self-flagellation over Brexit and begging for European acceptance is unbecoming of this great country. Britishness is about values, ideas, history and an attitude, not skin colour. It is time to be proud of Britain again.

When I read the article my first though was Ed must be English as his vision of Britain is very much an article which conflates England with Britain in every way in my opinion. Ed was also a senior fellow for the Council on Foreign Relations a somewhat controversial American think tank or what many of us would call a propaganda machine for the state.

Ed has been travelling the globe and What I saw was a world crying out for clarity and leadership“. You can’t make this shit up can you. Ed notes that Britain ended slavery, no mention that Britain also helped sustain the European slave trade for hundreds of years. Britain, according to Ed, also obliterated Nazism, again no mention of how sympathetic the ruling elite were to Hitler and the Nazi movement, esp the Conservative media.

These kind of articles are what feeds the lazy in this country, those who know nothing of England’s history and it breeds ignorance and prejudice in my opinion, the whole England and its empire nonsense that sadly the BritNats in Scotland also aspire to.

This is the kind of article that we will see more of this month, more British pish that is really all about England. Ed needs to remember that there are many of us who will never be British no matter what our passport says, being British as far as I’m concerned is a stain and nothing to be proud of.

If you want to find out more about the real British history then follow Crimes of Britain on twitter, a real eye opener and maybe Ed should check it out.



  1. George

    In a world run by has-beens, GB is the greatest has-been of them all. The present government is a model of how to lead and keep the country on-side.

    • Anonymous

      GB is over as far as I am concerned to be honest, it just can’t acknowledge that GB is just not relevant anymore, it is a busted flush.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Marconatrix

    While I agree wholeheartedly with your opening remarks, I’m not at all sure that Scotland didn’t play it’s part in establishing and maintaining the British Empire, possibly including the slave trade, at least in proportion to its size. Although I’ll accept correction if supported by evidence.
    ‘Great Britain’ btw is a geographic term. The ‘Great’ was at least initially to distinguish this island of ours from ‘Little Britain’ = Brittany. So if you were born and live on this patch of earth, regardless of your politics, you are by definition, I think (?), British. Just as being part of Europe makes you European, regardless of your attitude to the EU, or even whether the UK/Scotland is a member.
    OTOH, I have reason to doubt whether some of our politicians and their supporters are even living on he same planet as the rest of us 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Totally, too many Scots willingly took part and many campaigned against, in England also. The overall article though confuses England with Britain and for me that is about tainting us all with the past without a fair recognition of the various roles that people played. Technically we are all British due to being born on the Islands but that for me it is such a horrible thing to be tainted with that I just can’t bring myself to recognise it and never have. I have always made a point of saying that I’m Scottish when abroad and there is a difference, well I have experienced it when I have corrected people to say that I am Scottish not English or British. I am married to a Ghanaian and go to Ghana and you learn very quickly what British means and there isn’t much to be proud of.

    Thanks for commenting.

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