I agree but

The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has videotaped a New Years message to the nation. I’ve never really seen the point of these, like the Windsor Christmas Day lecture, they are pretty much a waste of time in my opinion but while I agree with the First Minister, I am also disappointed.

I completely agree with Nicola when she says “Scotland will always offer a warm welcome to the world. In fact, our reputation for being an open, warm-hearted, hospitable country has never been more important. I want to make that especially clear to the hundreds of thousands of nationals from other European Union countries, who have done us the honour of choosing Scotland as their home. 

I 100% agree with that statement, Scotland couldn’t be more different from certainly the Tories in England who are mobilising the military to stop 6 refugees from crossing the English Channel and we should be proud of how different we are.

The First Minister goes on to say ‘ Scotland faces being pulled out of the EU in less than three months despite 62% of voters north of the Border voting to remain but the First Minister said her government will work “to protect Scotland’s place at the heart of Europe” in 2019. “In the year ahead, the Scottish Government will continue to do everything we can to protect Scotland’s place at the heart of Europe,”.

This is where the ‘BUT’ comes in for me. The only ways to protect Scotland’s place in the EU is to stop Brexit by having another referendum with a remain option in it but is that a realistic option given the opposition of the Tories or we push ahead with indy2. But like Pete A Bell commented, there was something missing from the message.

I appreciate that I am banging the same drum in this blog but I’m not the only one concerned with the First Ministers strategy. In her message to the nation there was no mention of independence, I find that soul destroying and depressing at best. I really feel that by looking like they are avoiding the subject they look afraid and look like they feel they can’t win a future vote.

Given the turmoil in this country and the length of time it will take to get to indy2 we need to be moving now. The intention needs to be clear, the SNP cannot assume that the energy of the yes movement can sit at def con 1 forever, it can’t. People will get tired and they will walk away or their enthusiasm will fade.

The message should have been clear that in the event of Scotland being taken out of the EU against the majorities wishes, as Nicola noted, then Scotland will immediately demand another referendum and any refusal will result in a consultative referendum being held within months. That was what should have been said at the end of the message.



  1. 100%YES

    I believe that Nicola calling for the EU nationals for their support in Indyref2 in the cumming year and on the other hand keeping tight lipped so that when Indyref2 is called it benefits the Yes side. all anyone can do is wait. My opinion is that the referendum needs to be done and dusted before we leave the EU. Have a good hogmanay.

    • grumpyscottishman

      If we leave the EU at the end of March then I don’t think EU nationals are allowed to vote in elections and there is no way the British will allow them to vote in any future Indy ref. We also won’t be able to hold a ref before we leave the EU and that is why I feel it’s being left too late. I really do fear we are missing the boat.

      Thanks for
      Commenting and happy new year when it arrives.


  2. Alan Drew

    Relax. There’s plenty of time. Holyrood dissolves by March 2021 for elections in May 2021. That means the best, final opportunity to hold IndyRef2 is during autumn/summer 2020. That is between eighteen and twenty-one months away. September 2020. That means Sturgeon doesn’t have to trigger it until November 2019 or so. Oodles and oodles of time.

    She cannot make that decision until the UK parliament has decided what happens with Brexit. Only three or four weeks to go!

    • grumpyscottishman

      Not stressed about it at all to be fair. I am pretty much convinced now that there will be no referendum before 2023 and even that may be a consultative one at best. Westminster won’t agree to one either way so there is a fight for that and it will take a couple of years at best to resolve. I’m more convinced now than I have ever been that the SNP are waiting for the mythical 60% in the polls before they act. It won’t work, there needs to be action very soon or I believe it will be too late. Don’t like thinking that and certainly no expert at, it’s just how I feel.

      Thanks for commenting and happy new year when it arrives.


  3. Brian McGowan

    I agree with you. When you consider this vile, heartless WM govt, and the contempt which has been shown to Scotland this last 2 years, then if not now, then never. If the SNP and associated YES movement cannot convince a majority of Scots that we have to leave this pathetic union in these circumstances, then they never will.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I suppose there are those who will never be convinced, their British and it’s their choice no matter how misguided they are. I think we need to be in a referendum campaign before we will see movement in the polls. We started on 24% in 2012 and very nearly pulled it off. We start in a better place the next time, and that scares the yoons more than anything and that’s what will make getting an agreement with the British for indy2 will be near impossible. They hoped we would go away, we didn’t and they also hate that. The SNP, in my opinion, need to start making moves soon, the longer they leave it the harder it will be.

      Thanks for commenting and a happy new year when it comes.


  4. g m

    I hope that it is in hand.
    The FM is trying to protect Scotland from Brexit, that is her job. On the other hand it is clear to us that the British state acts against Scotlands interests and is a threat to everything in our country from culture, language and social protection to jobs, the economy and our self respect as a country. When does Nicola Sturgeon square the circle and call the situation as it plainly is? That Westminster rule is a threat to Scotland and staying under Westminster rule will be a disaster for us then set out what we need to do to regain our Independence.
    it’s a bit like the odd SNP MP starting a twitter line with’I’m not one of those BBC bias types but I feel that they let Scotland down..’ Call it out for what it is. If the British Loyalists and the media squeal and throw tantrums to try and motivate the poorly informed and the terminally loyal so fuck? We are well past that stage. It needs to be done.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I agree, I stopped being nice a long time and very much view the debate as being the British against yes. Calling them unionists is too nice, they are British end of. They will be as dirty, scumbag liars as they need to be and that is the British through history. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have people in the yes camp, maybe even the SNP. I am not one for conspiracy theories but nothing would surprise me. The SNP need to act soon before it’s too late.

      Thanks for commenting and a happy new year when it comes.


  5. g m

    I suspect the No deal scenario will trigger it. What will the British state’s reaction to that be I wonder? On their, arse out of Europe and 25% of what they consider to be their assets waltzing out the door?

    • grumpyscottishman

      The British will protect London as best they can and screw the rest of us, right now it looks like a no deal but who really knows. Staying in the EU kills Indy for years and years to come that’s for sure.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. Val Strathdee

    I was disappointed Independence not mentioned. Theresa or Tories will dispose of Holyrood and all these plans will never happen. My enthusiasm has vanished. Think I am wasting my time.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I would keep at it, the SNP either make an announcement soon or they will pay a price via their membership. I know SNP members who are saying that if there is nothing by the summer then they will resign membership and have told their branches that so hang in there. YES for me isn’t just about the SNP, we need them to deliver the vote, but they need us or they are not in power. I don’t agree with their strategy but I’ll keep blogging and doing what I can so don’t give up, we will need every person when the time comes.

      Thanks for commenting.

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