2018 – What a Shitty Year

What a year, I know many think it wasn’t as bad as 2008, 2014, 2016 but it was up there for me in lots of ways. For me this year has seen a return to 1980s Conservatism with a vengeance. I always hoped that my kids would never see the poverty that I grew up around, the desolation of communities and the lack of hope. Sadly they are seeing worse in so many ways. While the scourge of unemployment of the 80s is not there, it’s worse, the scourge of Victorian wages and working contracts has replaced that but worse, the safety net while always being the poorest in the EU is going, and it is not coming back.

This year has seen the most useless Prime Minister in history go from catastrophe to catastrophe surrounded by the most vacuous and hate filled MPs ever. Brexit is a disaster, maybe it was always going to be, but the ineptitude of the Tories has compounded the situation. When you would have hoped that the opposition would step up to the plate we have Labour and Corbyn. While I was never a fan of Corbyn anyway I never thought for one minute that he would be as Tory as the Tories on so many issues, there is no Labour Party anymore and there hasn’t been since Michael Foot, all Corbyn shows is how far this party has fallen. Not to mention his obvious contempt for Scotland, the contempt of all the yoonionist parties is clear for all to see, even those suffering from jockholme syndrome.

The Liberal Democrat’s, a party that you would think are at least centre politics are just a joke now, Clegg and Alexander did a job on them that’s for sure. The SNP are certainly the only hope in Scotland but their tactics over independence are in my opinion a huge mistake. Trying to save Britain is maybe something they think helps them but for me it doesn’t, it’s a delaying tactic that is just pissing off some of the yes movement and in the long run will backfire, you can’t play the British at their own game and by their rules, the unionists must be delighted with the post Salmond SNP. We need more Angus MacNeils in my opinion. If we don’t see real movement towards indy2 next year then I see problems for for SNP. People will look at other avenues, what they will be who knows but they cannot expect the yes movement to sit on its hands, the SNP are far too cautious for me. Westminster does not give a shit about Scotland other than what it can take, its time we didn’t give a shit about it and disrupted it at every opportunity.

The rise in food bank use, the rise in homelessness, and the continued roll out of universal credit should shame us all. We hear about suicide, malnutrition, and mental health breakdown. All due to a social security system re-designed by bastards to shame and impoverish people. That should shame everyone of us but sadly too many appear not to care and that has depressed me in 2018, it has shocked me that it’s a small minority that are trying their best to help those in need, to fight this when we should be on the streets bringing the shit bag Tories down and don’t get me started on the Tory Scum in Holyrood and I make no apologies for my language, they are toilet scum.

The actions of the Tories in putting in place retrospective legislation on the powers coming back from the EU because they knew they would lose in the Supreme Court should frighten us all. There are loud voices who would happily see Holyrood abolished and other than the yes movement would there be enough people to fight it, I doubt it. I find many of my fellow Scots to be an embarrassment when it comes to both their political literacy and their lack of fight for their country.

So 2018 will go down as a disappointment for me in many many ways. What will 2019 hold, I’m not expecting anything good that’s for sure. Will there be a general election? I doubt it, and even if there were the Tories will probably win anyway or get enough seats to form a government. Will there be an indy2 referendum? No there will not, if there were to be one it certainly won’t happen before the next Holyrood elections, and that for me will be a huge mistake by the SNP. If there is to be an indy2 we are looking at around 2023 at the earliest I think and that is assuming the SNP keep a mandate. Westminster will not agree to one, not until they absolutely have to, they will then delay until they are ready and think they can win, that will take years so the earliest for me is 2023 and by then we will be out of the EU,and it may be too late.

The attacks on the poorest will continue with little or no fight from the population, this country doesn’t march anymore, we are a beaten people pretty much. The establishment won and they know it.

There will also continue to be the deniers like the well off and totally annoying Fraser Nelson who writes this pish below, of course he’s talking about the Windsor’s and his mates:

I would like him to go along to a food bank, a homeless shelter, HMV or the numerous other businesses shutting down this week and tell the workforce about the pish he writes.

But I am sorry for being all doom and gloom but it’s how I feel, and I make no apologies for it. That doesn’t mean I am giving up, if anything I am more pissed off than I have ever been. The blog will continue as long as I have something to say and I hope that now my health is improving to get more active somehow, certainly attend any marches etc.

I also hope those of you who read the blog find it at least a little interesting and comment when you can as debate is vital, as is, different opinions. Here’s hoping 2019 will see the start of a real fight back.



  1. East Neuker

    It’s hard to disagree with anything you have written in this post, but I try, against the odds, to keep some hope going, or I might just stay in bed with the duvet over my head.
    Perhaps the SNP leadership will have their hand forced with regard to acting on independence – I hope so, because, win or lose, it could be the last chance before the emerging fascist UK dictatorship clamps down with extreme force, which they will if they deem it the way to hold on to Scotland’s resources.
    All the best for the New Year, Bruce, and, as you have said, keep up the fight.

    • grumpyscottishman

      East Neuker
      That’s a fair point in regards to the SNP being forced to do something and they might be. It won’t bring a referendum any closer but at least would signal the start from the yes side. I just think overall this year has been awful and next year worse. We are going to have to fight for what we want, something has got to give and Mayhem isn’t putting troops on standby for nothing but you put the police on the ground people throw stones, you put the army on the ground they throw petrol bombs, this country is on the edge now and it’s all down to the unionists and no one else.

      Thanks for commenting and happy new year when it comes.


  2. mearnsgeek

    I totally get your frustrations about the SNP and I do share them to some extent.

    However, it’s worth thinking what would happen if they just went out all guns blazing for independence. Yes, we in the Yes movement would raise a cheer, but who else? Pretty much nobody.

    What would happen would be that in Scotland, all Brexit coverage would be dropped and we would get wall to wall coverage of “SNPbad”, “SNP opportunists” etc etc which would totally divert from the fact that the Tories and Labour are making themselves look like utterly incompetent fools and we’d be throwing away over a year’s worth of ammo.

    It’s very much the case of don’t interrupt the enemy when they’re making mistakes. Let the MSM readers and BBC watchers see in glorious technicolour just how useless the British establishment actually is.

    I know a few people who voted no back in 2014 who are now thinking it maybe wasn’t the right move but they’re in no way full converts yet. They’re more open to the idea and that’s it – they still need convincing but the MSM and BBC are doing a good job so far. Let’s not interrupt that unnecessarily.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I do see where you are coming from I really do but we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. I really feel that it is going to take years to get indy2 and the longer we wait the longer it will be. I know there are many to be convinced but we need the issue front and centre now and especially next year when things get really bad. If we delay and we are 2 or 3 into Brexit then we wi have lost the momentum then and it will be more difficult to fight the cause then. People will be used to Brexit and the next project fear will have had years to hone their arguments. I don’t envy NS at all as she will never please everyone but I just feel that wait too long and we lose. The mandate runs out in 2021, there is no guarantee of another so soon has to be a serious consideration. I’m not sure the media are making mistakes as only the committed watch it now , most people don’t bother anymore so those votes are gone. It’s the people who don’t vote, they are the ones we need to educate and inspire.

      Thanks for commenting and happy new year when it arrives.


  3. George

    The only thing raging in Scotland is apathy. It’s a pity the media is so in the pockets of politicians they will not ask the hard questions, all are afraid of offending everyone else. Bruce you likely right about an indy ref so far in the future that nobody will care. The blessed Nicola is trotting out the same mantra to every question at FMQs “We recognise the difficulties and the efforts of those involved and we’ve spent x amount of money on it…” But never actually fix a problem.

    Health and happiness in 2019 and keep the keyboard handy.
    Aw ra best,

    • grumpyscottishman

      I can see both sides of the argument and I’m not saying that I am correct in any way but the strategy feels wrong, it feels like the last one. Be nice, slow and easy and we will talk people around. It won’t work in my opinion, we need our own project fear. Lay out very clearly what happens if we stay in the U.K. unemployment, poverty, sanctions, maybe the end of devolution. Let’s say that the troops are ready to be on the streets of Scottish cities because that’s what will happen, we need to move soon or we lose.

      Thanks for commenting and happy new year when it come.


  4. Marconatrix

    I know how you feel GSM, perhaps it’s something to do with this limbo (purgatory?) period between Christmas and Hogmanay. Maybe not the best time to look at the world whilst sober 😉

    Personally I’d hate to be in Nicola’s shoes right now. What a responsibility she has in trying to judge just the right time for IndyRef MkII. Jump too soon and all may be lost, but then so is she who hesitates. Wouldn’t that decision scare the living shite out of most of us? It certainly would me. So the last thing the SNP need right now is be undermined by our swithering faith in them.

    So let’s just hope and wish them, you, all of us, all the very best for the coming year. Hopefully a Year to Remember in the very best sense 🙂

    • grumpyscottishman

      I don’t envy her at all as I said above but I really think time is running out. I can’t see an indy ref before 2023 at the earliest and in fact one of my friends, who is a 100% yesser, thinks 2025 at the earliest. He’s an SNP member and doesn’t think the strategy will work and will lead to problems. My concern is that even though 2019 will be worse than 2018 the longer we delay to put the pressure on the more people accept their situation and project fear have longer to hone their arguments. We all know that many have been colonised by the British and we won;t change that mind set by being nice, look at the other colonies and how they broke free. many had to use violence and civil disobedience as they too had their colonised and suffered their own project fears, we will need to do what they did, not the violence in any way but not pulling our punches in any shape or form. I really believe we have to do this soon or we won’t win, I really believe that.

      Thanks for commenting and happy new year when the time arrives.

      • Marconatrix

        I was certainly expecting a new referendum a lot sooner than the dates you suggest, but haven’t looked into the detailed requirements.

        Brexit is such a complete shambles that it might well need to be put on hold by WM, at which point Holyrood would perhaps be well placed to make its move? Here’s hoping, what else can we do?

        Bliadhna Mhath Ùr dhuibh uile co-dhiù! 🙂

        • grumpyscottishman

          Brexit is a shambles and I don’t think anyone knows what is going to happen although I suspect a no deal Brexit. The referendum will need a section 30 order which will be refused. The SNP have said they will wait until the following election and seek a new mandate, that won’t work. What I think they should do is hold one anyway and take it through the courts. But it will take years and def not happening any time soon would be my guess.

          Thanks for commenting.

  5. Ricky

    With the emerging story of how the MOD gave serious thought to dumping 22 nuclear submarines in Scottish waters back in 1989 , but for some reason never did , have to wonder why . To this little gem from the BBC , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gJMoDEtkhE .
    2019 will be the year we finally stand on our two feet , free of Westminster .

    • grumpyscottishman


      I would love to have your faith. The nuclear sub story isn’t a new one, it has been covered before the only difference being the papers have been released now. I would love to dump the ones that are there in Jackie Baillies garden since she loves them so much. I can’t see any major change in 2019 other than Scotland will leave the EU. Indy2 is far off in my opinion.

      Thanks for commenting and happy new year when it comes.

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