Something Different: Memories

So nearly off on annual leave for two weeks and I tend not to blog over the holidays unless something really really gets on my Bristol’s so I thought I would post some old memories from the past, I am 50 now, I never even thought I would make it this far.

My first two football heroes back in 1979 when I started to go to see the mighty Dees. Billy Pirie, 91 goals in 112 games, the man is a legend and up there with Tommy Coyne for me. Jimmy Murphy, played on the wing, quick as. 99 games 12 goals.

Roy of the Rovers, my favorite annual every year and I still have about 12 of them in the house, and I still read them. My favorite stories were Roy of the Rovers and Durrell’s Palace.

Parma Violets, not everyone’s cup of sweet but I loved these as a kid and still buy a sneaky wee packet now and again.

Christmas Hamper, you knew it was getting close when your Mum opened up the hamper. I always went for the pickles, I know weirdo child.

We used to always get the selection box above or similar, I hated toffos with a vengeance and my brothers would never swap only agree to take mine off me lol.

My first greatest hits album, was never a huge Queen fan but this was a brilliant album and I played it about 10 times the day I got it. Probably why my Mum can’t stand them now and she is in her 80’s.

Fighting over the Radio Times, we all had different colored pens to circle what we wanted to watch never really sussing out we watched what my Dad wanted to watch either way lol.

The Generation Game with Larry Grayson, I loved this as a kid. I obviously never understood how close to the bone his jokes were but I would always watch this at Christmas, it was so funny.

I had just turned 13 when this came out and loved it, and still do and watch it every year on Channel Four. It’s as amazing now as it was the first time I saw it.

Whitfield, where I grew up. I left in 95 and while it doesn’t look anything like it now, most of the old skarne blocks are gone, overall I have many happy memories of being from Whitfield. It was a hard place but mostly a good place with some decent people, some real nasty ones too lol.

For some strange reason that my Mum has never explained to me we used to always get an apple and an orange in a sock at Christmas , what kind of cruel present is that. I think my parents were taking the piss.

Dundee City Square in the early 80’s. The transformation of Dundee in recent years has been welcomed but I still prefer the tree in it’s old place in front of the Caird Hall. I don’t go into the City very often to be honest now but I used to love the trip down from Whitfield to go and see the tree and do a little shopping if we had any money, it was Thatcher’s 80’s we didn’t have much, no one did.

The old Wellgate Centre fountain, this was amazing and a hangout on a Saturday, and outside Boots at the City Square. The Wellgate has had it’s day but in the early 80’s it was the place to be for teens. It had Bruce’s record shop for a start.

Anyway just a few memories from my past. While Christmas this year feels different to me for so many reason, as it gets closer I am looking forward to spending the day with my wife, my kids and my Mum and brothers. Thank you for reading my ill informed blog, it really is just a rant. Any complaints please pass them over to Tris at Munguin’s New Republic, it was Tris who suggested I blog after I started infecting his blog with my ignorance for a couple of years, blame Tris.

But anyway have a good holidays as best as you can and a good new years, hopefully next year will see the start of the indy 2 process and we can all get started on taking forward the country we want to see, but again thanks for reading the blog.



  1. Neil Anderson

    My folks did the apple and orange in a sock thing too. We usually got a coin of some denomination at the toe end and a chocolate bar of some sort too. We must have been posh! I think it was a nostalgia thing for them, what they’d have got themselves as weans. My Mum was from Dundee!

    • Kangaroo

      The Orange and Apple and coin in a sock was standard fare. We also got school stuff like crayons and erasers. Growing up after the deprivation of WW2 these were luxuries. I came to Oz in 1980 and one of the first things I did was to go to the fruit market and buy a ton of various fruits, then I went home and ate the lot. So sick.

      • grumpyscottishman

        Not a fruit fan, never have been to be honest. I must admit when I think back and the older I get I prefer the simplicity of the past I’m so many ways. I feel for young people today, they really get to be young people and with all the modern gadgets there is no longer the things like sitting in front of the tv on Christmas Day waiting for a programme to start.

        Thanks for commenting.

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