Theresa May – Nastier than most

I was watching a programme the other day and it was full of English voters saying how well she was doing, how nice she is, how the country had to get behind her. How soon people forget, or ever took the effort to find out about this horrific politician.

So let’s have a wee skiffy on her real views on the EU. I have noted previously that I have never been convinced she voted remain in the EU referendum and her voting record demonstrates that.

Not exactly for EU membership so a wee fib there. Is Theresa the friend of Scotland that she says she is?

Well she says she wants to help those just about managing, let’s see:

Ok well she thinks Britain is a force for peace in the world, of course it is and she can prove it:

Ok Theresa says we are all in it together and she has a record to prove it right:

But she’s nice she protects the poorest, protects workers rights:

Bloody hell I am starting to think the Prime Minister is a liar but we know that she is all for protecting our civil liberties cause she told us that loads of times:

Ok she lied there but loves animals and cares for the environment and her record shows that right:

Oh dear more lies , right I know she said would protect social housing, she told us after Grenfell right:

FFS, right she talks about our precious union every week, in fact it’s her mantra so all voices are heard in the U.K. right:

Ok basically Theresa May is a liar, hates poor people, animals, the environment, people’s rights and protections. However she does love rich people, selling off nationalised business that made a profit to her pals at a loss, loves a wee war here and there and is full of shit.

How English voters can’t see how much this nasty and horrific piece of work is playing them is beyond me.

Theresa May is up there with Thatcher in the evil stakes and this country needs rid of this witch sooner rather than later.



  1. 100%YES

    She MAY call herself a christian, but she doesn’t follow it’s values that’s for sure, she will promise anything to deliver for England just look at how she’s portrayed DUP. The best thing that could ever happen to Scotland when it’s independent, is a wall on the border. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family Bruce and all the Yes supporters and here’s hoping the new year is our last in this union.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I have always thought she is a scumbag of the worst kind and when I heard the views on a news piece I just thought are those people that f thick. The woman is a nasty, vindictive witch even more than Thatcher. I really despise her and how the Tory media portray her, they are all Tories. Scumbags as well.
      Have a good holidays and enjoy a wee break. I’ll do a fun blog at the weekend and that’s me for a couple of weeks unless someone or something really annoys me. Thanks for reading my rants and adding to the debate, that is so important.


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