Something Different: Dr Who Season 11

So the first series of Dr. Who starring Jody Whittaker and not produced by Steven Moffatt has passed us by in a flash, but was it any good?

Also starring Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill this series comprised of 11 episodes, the first one being The Woman Who Fell to Earth. After watching the first episode I was hopeful that the series was back on track after what I felt was pretty much a confused mess under Stephen Moffatt for much of his time with plots that made little sense overall, and too many poor episodes. The series is now produced by Chris Chibnall of Broadchurch fame although he has had some involvement with Dr Who under both Russell T Davis and Steven Moffatt.

The best episode for me was probably the Witchfinders which I enjoyed overall but most episodes were ok. There are problems with the series though. The dialogue is at times very annoying from the Dr asking herself stupid questions all the time, saying she invented things like wellies to the over the top pc nature of this series took away from what was potentially a good start.

The series also appeared to strive to avoid the past pretty much apart from Kerblam when the Dr got a fez hat and that for me was also a mistake. One of the good things about Dr Who is its links with past series of the show, this one didn’t really have that and lost out because of it.

Jody Whittaker is ok as the Dr but needs more to work with, as I said the dialogue let her down far too often as well as never really showing the Dr’s dark side. She also had the misfortune of being up staged by Bradley Walsh who was outstanding as Brian and by far the most interesting character.

Overall I would rate the series as slightly better overall than the last few Moffat ones but not much. There won’t be a new series until 2020 and they are going to have to up their game a lot I think. There won’t be a Christmas Day episode this year having been moved to New Years Day, another mistake and being different for different sake. The reviews I have read of the series have been pretty ass kissingly awful, you have to wonder about tv reviewers.

A lot of work to do to recapture the glory days but not a terrible start.



  1. Doug

    I do agree the show really needs a lot of work. The dialogue has been very stilted and weak in most of the episodes. They has also be a dreadful preachy overtone running through the series which is annoying.

    With no new episodes coming until 2020 (which does seem strange) they have a lot of time to work things out and raise the standard. Unless there is a change in the writing and directing I’n not convinced it will happen sadly.

    • grumpyscottishman

      Good points. It’s been on a slippery slope since Russell T Davies left the show and while I thought this series has potential compared to the disaster that was most of Moffats time it failed to live up to the hype. Bradley Walsh saves it for me, Jody Whittaker was ok but too childish and silly at times, let down by average stories and shockingly bad dialogue.
      I’m not too bothered that it won’t be back until 2020 but it needs to come back with an edge or this old fart probably won’t bother wasting time on it anymore.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. greig12

    As a keen sci-fi fan I’ll watch anything even remotely connected to the genre. I have to say though that after reaching adulthood I was never a big Dr Who fan. It’s always tried to please too many folk and it’s always for me seemed only a partial success. Jodie Whittaker could be a decent Doctor but she struggles with terrible twee, lazy scripts. I tended to lose interest watching the episodes in this series, thinking the whole series would with very little clipping, best be shown on CBBC.

    When you watch for example, the Tennent/Piper series its obvious how good they were compared to the complete tosh that’s being made now.

    Maybe it’s all been done and it’s shot it’s bolt and it’s time to once again say goodbye for a decade or so. The standard of the new series certainly adds fuel to that.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I like sci-fi a lot and while Dr Who has fallen down my list in recent years I was hopeful that that it might be back on track but sadly it’s not. While there were things to like there was too much to not like. You are correct though, they are probably trying to please too many people but that shouldn’t mean the case of poor writing and even poorer dialougue to be onest. Bradley Walsh was the saving grace for me and actually would have made a good Dr. I will watch the new years day one but sadly not expecting a lot from it and when it comes back it will be the case of hope for the best but not be all that bothered either way I suppose.

      Thanks for commenting.

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