She Will Survive, probably!

So Theresa Mayhem is to have a vote of no confidence from her own party.

How broken is this country that the Conservative and Useless Party can potentially impose a new Prime Minister on us without actually having to ask the voters. Sums up the mother of all democracies, basically as I have banged in about for years, we just don’t live in a proper one. This is also a Conservative Party battle, as is Brexit, a battle between the real nut jobs and the basic nut jobs.

May will need 158 Tory MPs to support her, if she wins she can’t be challenged for at least a year and if she loses she has to resign. Even though Theresa May is the worst Prime Minister in the history of the U.K. can anyone really see her losing this vote tonight. I suspect she will win tonight due to the fact that there is no one to replace her who isn’t as bad as she is, and we also have the situation that many will be more afraid of a potential General Election and a possible Corbyn Government. Even if there had been a vote of confidence in Parliament the DUP would never support Corbyn who favours the unification of Ireland, Corbyn only believes that Scotland isn’t a country.

Even though I think May will survive she will be several steps closer to the end. Hopefully the end of this horrific Tory Government but at the very least she won’t be around this time next year as Prime Minister I suspect.



  1. billy

    typical tories sod the countries interests may delays debate because she will lose vote uses back stop as an excuse so tory brexiteers realising they will lose no deal brexit calls for a no confidence vote if may wins they have fired a shot across her bows if she loses leadership election takes time the debate is put on the backburner all the while brexit clock is ticking parliament on xmas hols nothing done til late jan no deal brexit will win by default tory brexiteers job done and tories get their low paid/low tax haven on the coast of europe

    • Anonymous

      She just can’t be trusted, she has done nothing but lie since day one. There will be no general election, there was a general election, the DUP are not getting a billion pounds, they got a billion pounds, there will be no backstop, there is a back stop, there will be no single market or customs unions, we have both and there will be a so called meaningful vote and there was none. On top of being useless she is a liar, by far the worst PM in my lifetime and that really is saying something given we had Gordon Brown. I do think she will survive tonight, just and hopefully gone soon. Some think she will lose tonight from her own party but can’t see it, she will 160 MPs or there about.

      Thanks for commenting.

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