One rule for us and one rule for them

Benefit fraud is wrong end of, the same could be said for politicians who fail to declare their income.

But there is a difference, if your a politician and you fail to declare £54,000 in additional earnings you get to stand up in parliament and say sorry I forgot, they have that much money they can forget £54,000 in earnings. But if you try to rip off the Government well its a bit different.

There are lose who are pulling a fast one and there are those who genuinely make mistakes with benefits and there are the many who have ended up in dire straights because of government overpayments and incompetence.

It’s not that long ago that we witnessed the expenses scandal and it was all supposed to be cleaned up, really. Boris Johnstone did not forget £54,000 he just didn’t declare and he gets to say sorry. The politicians plan on a different course of action for those who may try to rip off benefits,

As I said benefit fraud is wrong, it’s taking from those who need it most but the rules and standards need to be seen to be the same. Boris Johnstone maybe isn’t involved in fraud but if you or me didn’t declare £54,000 and claimed benefits we would face jail, he gets to say sorry. That is not good enough.



  1. billy

    the welfare system used to be a safety net for the poor now the likes of ian duncan smith have turned it into a system of cuts and sanctions carried on by the rest of the tories in the face of mounting amounts of poverty suicides food banks it is now been turned upside down now the tory elites private companies etc all feed at the welfare teat while the starve. christ when will people wake up?

    • grumpyscottishman

      It used to a safety net as you say but now it’s a cash cow for the private sector and a way to punish people for being in need. While politicians , or some, see public service as a cushy number while at the same time enriching themselves and assuring they stay above the lower classes. It just all disgusts me and I often wonder where the tipping point is. I’ve always admired the French, push them too far and their will be consequences for the ruling elite and while I’m not for the violence and or vandalism I am all for marching and shutting down the capital to get the message across.

      Thanks for commenting.

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