Something Different: Outlaw King

So I eventually got around to watching Outlaw King starring Chris Pine in the role of Robert the Bruce.

Obviously there are no spoilers needed as most of you know the story. I am often a bit worried when movie makers make a film about Scottish history, I’m not a huge fan of Braveheart all that much. However Outlaw King was good, the scenery amazing as you would expect and from what I can understand the history pretty accurate if not the dialogue.

I had a wee chuckle when the McDougall’s got their arse kicked a bit, I know childish but it kinda sums up Blair McDougall for me lol. Chris Pine does a really good job in the film and plays the role very convincingly with not a kilt in sight. The action is brutal as it must have been at the time but handled very well.

It may have all happened 600 years ago but I suppose the struggle goes on, bought and sold, that really sums up our history. I know that Chris Pine played down the politics of the film on release but it still resonates today in that we need to disregard the past. The future of Scotland lays with the people now and in a civic nationalism but in the U.K. right now we can see echoes of its past, listen to the Brexit debate in Westminster and we can hear the nonsense of 600 years ago being spewed out by politicians living in a time warp , maybe I could be stretching things.

Overall though the film is well worth a watch and is good , did I feel all Scottish watching it, yeah lol.



  1. George

    I enjoyed it too. Schadenfreude kicked in as I’ve got a MacDougall mate who is a rabid Nationalist: Erchie your lot could have halted Scottish independence in it’s tracks!

  2. George

    The historicals are more or less accurate. There are some however, the most glaring of which was the single combat at Loudon Hill between Bruce and Edward II, pure fantasy. Bruce’s earlier significant victory at Glen Trool wasn’t mentioned at all and the end gives the impression that Loudon Hill was the final battle, no Bannockburn needed.
    Still enjoyed the movie but only watch them for entertainment.

    • grumpyscottishman

      Yeah just entertainment overall but compared to Braveheart tastefully done overall. Certainly some of the important battles left out as you said no one on one combat with Edward but I suppose that’s the artistic license. Just really glad it wasn’t a disaster as some of these films tend to be.

      Thanks for commenting.

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