Self-Aware – Not On Your Life

Saw a few tweets at the weekend that just annoyed me to be honest. First up we have the obnoxious Clair Perry Tory MP:

celebrating, celebrating opening up another food bank. What is this total waste of space on. No self awareness whatsoever and as you would expect some reaction on Twitter.

Next up our very own obnoxious and shameless Ross ‘ thick as mince ‘ Thomson Tory MP not being self aware.

Now most of us will have read a little about the UN Report on poverty in the U.K. and the findings that this is a deliberate policy of the Tories, as most of who are self aware know, well those of us who have a heart do.

The reality is that this Christmas many will be going without food, many without heating, many without a roof over their heads or all of the above.

And what do we have, the purveyors of this crime acting like they are doing hungry people a favour and either not understanding, or not caring, that they are in fact the cause of a lot of that hunger in the U.K. in the first place.

I also have reservations about the Trussell Trust, as many others do, I appreciate they might get some funding from government but the comfortable relationship appears a little too comfortable at times and feels wrong. The Trussell Trust also operate a referral system so

Not everyone can appear to go along for support without that referral but I also sympathise with the tweet below.

I have no doubt that large charities like the Trussell Trust challenge government policy but the larger the charity gets the more it starts to feel like a business and the normalisation effect takes hold so I can see where Mr. Malky is coming from.

Either way though there is something seriously wrong with Tories celebrating the opening of a food bank or taking advantage of giving to one on social media, acting like they give a shit when we know they don’t. Some Tories like Edwina Curry actually don’t like them as she stated last year

while the Tories actually refused money from the EU which tells you all you need to know about the morality of that party of what can only be described as vermin.

The level of food poverty in this country should be regarded as a crime and the Tories and Tory enablers need to ashamed.



  1. Helena Brown

    I am sure we have enough lamp posts and piano wire is very useful. I was raging yesterday to my friend in Pennsylvania with regard to low wages, food banks, that welfare doesn’t exist, we have social security. She was saying much the same as we do about Amazon etc. The firm her son works for gets people who worked for them for around a month, then their wages fall.
    Maybe Bruce it is getting to the point where we have a yellow vest protest ourselves.

    • Anonymous


      I wonder how much people are willing to take in this country, it’s a hell of a lot obviously as in most other countries people would have taken to the streets. Maybe it will take North Korea mass starvation to get people to care enough to take on this shitty disgusting government and system. We are ripped off left, right, and centre, conned, lied to etc and too many still sit by and accept it. What a sorry shitty depressing little place we live in, what is happening in this country is a crime and there is no way around that.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. billy

    i have said this before the tories have won austerity,immigration,poverty,food banks.sanctionable universal credit cuts disable cuts poor people turning on each other blaming foreigners others for their poverty all due to toriy/labour governments colluding with the media for years all feeding the narrative of blaming eu stealing jobs benefit scroungers etc all leading up to their beautiful brexit where they will put all the workers and peoples rights into their british bill of rights then put a match to it and build their low paid low tax economy.
    solution independence? dream on british gov needs scotland’s oil/income to fund their no deal plans i hope i am proved wrong…

    • Anonymous

      Don’t disagree with anything you said, I must admit though that I don’t see what the SNP will do when Westminster refuses to allow another vote and they are unwilling to take any action that is unlawful based on the acts of union, I assume the SNP will just go away and wait until they can ask again and be refused. This country is a joke and a stain on my soul, I hate what I see around me every day and it breaks your heart as much as the millions who just accept it for what it is.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. East Neuker

    This is always what was going to happen after a vote for Brexit handed more or less unbridled power to the mad Tory right. England wants this. Not every English person, but a clear majority. Scotland does not. But Scotland will be crushed by the English imperialists, and will be kept by force. Some people thought that Brexit would enable Scottish independence. It will not. Not unless complacent Scots get off their arses.
    What has this to do with food banks? That’s obvious people – poverty is how the Tories keep you down. Middle England wants that. Scotland would be much better off as an independent member of the EU. People who supported Yes, but also Leave the EU, we’re just very, very wrong.

    • Anonymous

      East Neuker

      Fair points indeed, what is a worry though is even if the majority turn to indy and Westminster still refuse another vote is there the will in the SNP to break with their stated position and take the risky road, I just don’t see it. I fear we are stuck in this union long beyond my lifetime unless something drastic happens like returning a majority of SNP MPs to Westminster as being a declaration of independence but I don’t think the SNP have the balls for that so poverty, food banks, will just continue to get worse.

      Thanks for commenting.

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