What is she afraid of?

So Theresa Mayhem has decided to keep The National out of her press conference in Glasgow tomorrow on what will be a very strictly managed visit with no doubt glum dumb looking employees at some Tory owned company in the background.

I don’t buy papers all that often but do get a National when I can. This just makes me want to get The National even more even though I probably wouldn’t read it every day. Where do these people get off not being willing to stand up to any scrutiny and if the Scottish media had any balls they would be refusing to attend if their colleagues, even rivals with a different view, are not there. But we know that the Scottish Unionist media are just sheep with no balls. McKay, Fraser, Taylor are just all die hard yoons who wouldn’t know journalism if it slapped them in the puss.



  1. trispw

    She’s clearly afraid of some Scottish scrutiny. I mean how do you answer live that you have disregarded Scotland’s view at every turn?

    She can’t even read from a script without making a mess of it.

    • Anonymous

      I saw the news and there was no footage just a comment that May was in Scotland, what is the point. She is absolutely useless as a PM and MP and shows how far we have fallen in standards of elected politicians, the SNP have some I don’t like but they a geniuses compared to May.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. George

    She hid in Crathes hall last time, so it will be a certainty she’ll only be preaching to a well-rehearsed choir this time.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder where she is hiding today as she is in Scotland but the news can’t seem to track her down, maybe away visiting wee Ruthies baby, what a waste of time.

      Thanks for commenting.

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