Sorry Nicola but the focus just feels wrong

Nicola Sturgeon is being reported as being willing to work with any unionists to stop Brexit.

Nicola has said that, while all options remain on the table, she hoped to convince the Labour leader to join with other parties in pushing for a fresh Brexit referendum.

Unless Nicola Sturgeon has a cunning plan I just can’t see what the point is of this anymore. The so called people’s vote is a waste of time, it’s playing into certain unionists hands and I believe we should have nothing to do with it.

Nicola goes on to say There is a certain scepticism that a People’s Vote is the salvation for Scotland given we voted Remain the first time round and there’s no guarantees that in a second vote you wouldn’t have the same outcome, but I still think that if we’ve got the opportunity UK-wide to stop Brexit, given the shambles that has been made of the negotiations, then that’s something the SNP should support and that’s the view of the group.” a People’s Vote is the salvation for Scotland given we voted Remain the first time round and there’s no guarantees that in a second vote you wouldn’t have the same outcome, but I still think that if we’ve got the opportunity UK-wide to stop Brexit, given the shambles that has been made of the negotiations, then that’s something the SNP should support and that’s the view of the group.”

At least Nicola is acknowledging mine and many others opinions but her end game for me is pointless now. Playing the unionist game takes us further away from indy2 and does nothing to further the cause of independence. We will never agree our independence with the unionists we will have to take it. I have been clear on my blog that I am becoming increasingly frustrated by the slow creep of the SNP and Nicolas intervention in London today does nothing to change that view.

My independence vote is based on democracy and not what unionists like to portray as an anti English vote. I also know that playing the game by unionist rules means that Scotland remains a colony well beyond my life time.

I accept that I am not as smart or astute as Nicola Sturgeon and she continues to have my support as first minister but not in this. I really believe this strategy takes us further away from independence than closer, my frustration is growing by the day.



  1. gordie

    Great FM.
    Jury been oot for a while now on whether she is an effective leader of the SNP. Some utterly counter productive stances taken to decent proposals on wild land protection and the planning bill amongst other things. Abdication of responsibility for providing leadership to the Indy movement. lack of backing for central bank, currency, open goals missed. Young votes drifting away to other parties or staying at home in even greater numbers. If there exists a plan and it is successful then i’ll be forever thankful but the jury is out. i’d actually be happy if she took the Fergus Ewing types aside and reminded them they work on behalf of the punters rather than poncing about trying to tiptoe around the feelings of people who would not pish on the SNP if they were ablaze.

    • Anonymous

      I think Nicola Sturgeon is a very good First Minister, and next to Alex Salmond the best we gave had to date but this is smacking of delaying having to make a decision on indyref2 as long as possible. I don’t know about the central bank etc but I am starting to think that yes want the next referendum more than some in the SNP, but I really do hope I am wrong on that one. I also agree with you that tip toeing around the yoons is a waste of time, I gave up being nice a long time ago, I’m never rude to them but I don’t sugar coat it at all.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. gordie

    .. also Kenny Dalglish took a pat on the head from our masters. 30 Scotland goals and 102 caps worth fuck all in an instant.

    Our heroes receive from their betters? Kenny Dalglish’s betters maybe not mine.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not into the honours thing at all and would prefer a peoples medal to recognise achievement and only nomination from the public voted by the public, this all smacks of the privileged and keeping the disgusting system of privilege we have in this country, we are not even a proper democracy ffs. Kenny Dalgleish is of his generation and probably a unionist, that’s up to him. I would never accept an honour like that as it flies in the face of everything I believe in but we are not all the same I suppose.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. billy1859

    maybe its part of the plan by seeking a coalition with other parties to try and stop no deal/bad brexit it helps scotland economically as well as the rest of uk hopefully in return a labour government returns all devolved powers and allows a section 30

    bugger i nearly believed it until that pig flew past my windae

    • Anonymous


      I hope it is a cunning plan but I am starting to think it is not, I think this is delaying tactics as I am starting to believe that some in the SNP don’t think they can win an indy2, just my opinion. They are starting to make other mistakes also now on things like teachers maybe getting a differential pay award to the rest of the public sector. Many in the lowest paid jobs in the public sector vote SNP, that will change overnight if they award teachers a different increase. I know will seriously consider my SNP vote if they go down that road as it ends their fairness narrative.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Helena Brown

    We have a big problem Bruce. If she fails to look at all the options she will be accused by those who will take every opportunity to persuade people to vote No. You know how easy it is with so many people. The other thing that I see there are people out there who will not believe until they feel the pain.
    As for teachers pay, if that happens and I doubt it, you would be justified in taking industrial action but for heavens sake stopping voting for the only party who wants Independence for us seems the height of stupidity.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I don’t see why NS should feel she has to look at all the options to be honest, the SNP can’t be the conscience of the U.K. of course I could be very wrong but members of the SNP I know are saying there is concern within some about the direction of travel and some think there is no way indy2 is getting called unless there is 60% in favour and Westminster agree. Neither are going to happen anytime soon and possibly will never happen so there has to be a route that shows how clearly this is how we move forward . If the SNP allow the mandate to run out there is no guarantee that they will get another one.
      The issue of pay in the public sector is one of principle for me to be honest. I would have preferred to see the lowest paid getting say 5% and then that being reduced for the better paid, that would fit in with the fairness agenda. There are a few in my office who are SNP voters but soft yes or no, virtually everyone of them have said that if the public sector is treated differently then they will not vote SNP and in places like Dundee that will allow Labour back in and they will only have themselves to blame. I want independence as much as anyone but I don’t think I could vote for a party that has betrayed my trust. It would make that party no better than the yoons, now I don’t think they are that stupid but teachers will strike and put the pressure on. If they cave then the rest of us will strike and really bring things to a closure, I know I will. I don’t envy them but on this issue they need to understand what they are facing.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Bob Nugent

    Great to see the Better Together LABOUR PARTY
    Are still raising issues they did sod all about when in office (hypocrites comes to mind)
    Now they are rousing the Teachers to STRIKE for better money
    More than their comrades in England and Wales
    Is this political or JUST GREEDY BS
    As Tory unionist gov will give Scotland SOD ALL ELSE

    • grumpyscottishman

      Unionists will always exploit any opportunity but the SNP need to take care with this issue as it will blow up in their face given the strength of feeling. Teachers deserve a pay rise , there is no doubt that but so do all the others in the public sector. To single out one part for preferential treatment, if that happens, will sow discontent. I know I’ll struggle with the principle of it.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. Alan

    It feels right to me. There are still too many possibilities regarding Brexit, each of which makes for a very different launching ramp for independence. May’s deal, no deal, remaining. A snap election or a people’s vote.

    At least some of those must be eliminated for sure before an independence campaign can properly put a plan into action. Because there isn’t an universal plan which can plow through all of the possible situations successfully.

    If Sturgeon pushes too early, it’s a gamble. And whatever she chooses, the Westminster establishment can try to pivot to one of the other outcomes, fundamentally changing the approach required for an independence campaign or even disrupting it entirely.

    At the very least, a people’s vote must be unambigiously rejected by the UK parliament before IndyRef2 can proceed. If the SNP have to organise that motion in order to have it defeated, so be it.

    • grumpyscottishman

      Craig Murray has an interesting take in things today on his blog. I don’t think any of us know what will happen but as I said in the blog I don’t see the point of what NS is doing.

      I’m not as optimistic as Craig about a deal happening but he far more astute than I am on politics that’s for sure, I just express an opinion. I hope you’re correct though as I have been concerned for a while that the passion that many of us have for Indy is not shared by some in the SNP but I really really hope I’m wrong.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Alan

        I don’t agree with Craig Murray either. He’s been spurned by the SNP one time too many after that conference snub, I think, and is in danger of becoming a poundshop Jim Sillars if he continues to take it so personally.

        Like it or not, the people of Scotland did vote to stay in the UK and the EU. Sturgeon is the only person trying to respect *both* votes as far as Scotland is concerned. Until it becomes formally impossible to do so, Sturgeon has to keep pushing for both in order to maintain her credibility and integrity with voters for whom independence/unionism is not the first priority. Compare with Arlene Foster or even Theresa May how they treat the parts of their electorates which didn’t vote for their way.

        The swing voters who would matter in a referendum, in other words. It’s not enough to hold IndyRef2, we must win it.

        • grumpyscottishman

          I hope you’re correct I really do. NS is in a very difficult place I don’t doubt that and I won’t pretend I know more than she does but when do we stop pandering to the unionists, when do we get off our knees and say enough is enough. Westminster are not going to give Scotland an inch, it will take at least 2 to 3 years for indy2 at best and will no doubt involve the courts. The process I think needs to be started now and I remain unconvinced that all of the SNP leadership are up for the debate and the action that needs to happen any time soon, I wish I felt differently.

          Thanks for commenting.

  7. Kangaroo

    Don’t forget we are at war with an enemy that will bayonet everyone and anyone that gets in their way. We must show the electorate that everything has been done to try and avert a no deal or other catastrophic outcome. The A50 ECJ case and the Continuity Bill are parts of that strategy. If Westminster goes ahead with either the Withdrawal Agreement or No deal when Remain is a clear option then the Scottish electorate will be in no doubt that Westminster does not care. The Union will inevitably dissolve and the indyref will simply be a rubber stamp.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I really hope you are correct and I am completely wrong I really do. I just don’t see what the point is at all with this strategy and I’m with Craig Murray on this one. I suppose time will tell but I don’t think it will have much impact on the yoons. I sometimes think that only starvation will convince and even then some will just lay down and take one for Britain while cursing the SNP to their last breath.

      Thanks for commenting.

  8. bjsalba

    International law/institutions want every effort made to remain unified until it becomes obvious it won’t work. That is what it is all about. Independence without international recognition will not work – look at Kosovo.

    • Anonymous

      What happens when Westminster refuses indy2? The only options are a consultative referendum which the yoons won’t take part in, a manifesto in a general election claiming a majority of MPs means independence, Nicola Sturgeon has already said no to that accepting what Blair and Dwer said in the 90’s or declaring UDI which you are saying won’t be recognised that leaves being changed to the UK with no option, some people given that scenario might feel like they have to give up as Scotland will just remain a colony for the rest of their lifetime.

      Thanks for commenting.

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