I agree

So Joanna Cherry MP has put the cat amongst the pigeons and the shits right up the unionists.

And I couldn’t be happier. It’s about time we were on the front foot and the unionists are bricking it lol. Joanne has suggested that Scotland could become independent via a general election, and I agree, and so did Thatcher.

Let’s just put that fact into the next general election manifesto. If Scotland returns a majority of SNP MPs at the next general election that will be seen as a vote for the immediate end of the Act of Union and the start of negotiations to become independent.

Now the unionists are obviously going mental, as they do with any mention of self determination, they prefer servitude. Responses have been predictable

A Scottishs Conservative spokesman said: “Every political party agreed in 2014 that a referendum was the only way to decide on Scotland’s future. 

“Not only is the SNP refusing to accept the result, now we have senior MPs suggesting they’d declare independence as and when they please.”

Pamela Nash, chief executive of the Scotland in Union campaign group, said Ms Cherry’s comments were “dangerous and ill-judged” and accused the SNP of “concocting ways to bypass the views of voters.” 

“We know that Scotland does not want a divisive and unnecessary second independence referendum, so SNP politicians are concocting ways to bypass the views of voters.

Why is it that the referendums they don’t like are always divisive and unnecessary lol. I agree we won’t have one ever again, if Scotland returns anything over half of Scottish MPs being SNP we take the Thatcher view and say ” see ya” shove your Westminster up your arse I’m off for something better.



  1. 100%YES

    I was at the Global Talent Immigration and Skills after Brexit when Joanna said it, I thought did i just hear what I thought she said so on the way home from the conference I ask my wife and she said yes I heard her say that so I said why didn’t you say anything I forgot said my wife, she from Yorkshire you know. Trust me I was pleased i went.

    • Anonymous

      I appreciate that the SNP will never go down this road but it certainly puts the wind up the yoons and sends an important message, that being we are not going away and we are not giving up, that is very important in my opinion. Plus we never know what we have to do in the future if Westminster point blank refuses to accept Scotland’s right to choose or try to bring in a new Act of Union, supported only by unionists, as the Lords appear to want to do.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Alan

    Whilst I agree that an alternative democratic route to independence is required in the event that IndyRef2 is continously blocked, I do not think a simple majority of MPs would be enough. We all know you can get a majority of MPs on as little as 35% of the vote.

    The threshold must be much higher than a simple majority, but how much higher? You would be able to get away with independence without a referendum as long as 50% of the registered electorate went and voted for the SNP. Note that this number is approximately 2,150,000. This is the very highest minimum I can think of without jumping up to supermajority requirements. It does exceed the 2,001,926 who voted No in 2014, which is additional moral ground.

    So there you go. Over two million votes is what we need to secure independence. Doesn’t matter if it’s a referendum, HR election or WM election or even a goddamned petition.

    • Brian

      Make it clear to the electorate what they are voting for in this next election – A MAJORITY OF SNP MPS means we will become an independent country. If you don’t vote you don’t have a say. It’s been the way of democracy for many many years.

      • Alan

        Brian, what if the SNP ends up losing votes and a few more seats but still hanging onto a FPTP majority? We’re sitting at 60% of seats on 36.9% of the vote.

        Even if they said “a majority of MPs = independence”, the pushback would be immense and legitimate. Like it or not, the 2014 referendum set quite a high bar to pass by other means.

        If we get two million voters behind independence, that guarantees 100% of Westminster seats. It would likely get 100% of Holyrood constituency seats and probably one or two list seats in each region as well – over 80 MSPs. It would also give us 50-65% in a referendum, depending on overall turnout.

        There is no cheat mode for independence. At least two million voters must actively choose it as our collective option.

    • Anonymous

      I totally understand what you say and I don’t think it will happen unless as a very last resort, but I could also see a last resort being an option. The Act of Union bill goes to the Lords tomorrow proposing a federal UK. I think it will be rejected by basically English Lords, now I don’t want a federal UK but it would be a step forward. However, I cannot see Westminster agreeing to any of it so that takes us to indy2. If Westminster refuse point blank then that leaves a consultative referendum that unionists could boycott, UDI which while I have no issue with it most people reject or a clear mandate from a GE that returning a majority of yes MPs is a vote for independence. We are certainly livening in interesting times, but then saying that if Mayhem comes back with a Brexit deal that Westminster and the EU accept, that will no doubt shaft Scotland pretty much with the EUs support to back the Irish issue, we are back to square 1.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Anonymous

    Yes, we can! The dogma and continued bias of the rUK Government ,trying to keep Scotland down, has come to an end! We are leaving for a better economical, self right to Govern our own future! If the unionists in Scotland don’t like it and keep supporting austerity , then they should be given the opportunity to change their nationality to English, but could still stay in Scotland as a Foreigner. Scotland is very much ” all inclusive” Independence is happening, regardless of what the propaganda media keeps pushing out! Goodbye and we look forward to trading with you!

    • Anonymous

      I agree that Scotland has started on a path that ends with independence, hopefully in my lifetime, but we are in for a hell of a fight either way and the dirty tricks haven’t even started yet. It will get interesting and as Craig Murray has stated that the SNP will have been infiltrated by security services, maybe all the parties have, so we will need to be careful with information but either way the option of a mandate from a GE cannot and should not be discounted easily as we may just need it.

      Thanks for commenting.

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