Dear Richard Part Two: Why I’m Now Labour

Here is another we post from my Richard Leonard Newspaper.

First up we have Jenna, she is Labour now.

Now Jenna I’m happy you voted yes, that was the right decision so a big well done and thank you. Jenna I agree the Tories are a disaster, they are horrific. But Jenna really, authentic change and Corbyn/Leonard don’t really work. You see Jenna Labour had a 100 years to bring about positive change in Scotland,and where are we. The SNP have done more in 10 years than Labour did in that 100 so can I ask you a wee favour, go read up on some Labour history and Scottish social history, and have a wee revisit of your position.

Let’s have a wee skiffy at Josh’s reason for being Labour now.

Josh, you poor man. Corbyn/Leonard leadership, where, when. I also admire your hope in the both of them, Corbyn who has little interest or knowledge of Scotland and Leonard who is as British as they come and will put English interests first every time because we know that what England wants Britain gets. Josh Labour had 15 years not long ago to make the U.K. fairer, they didn’t they made it more unequal and the rich got richer with socialism and the poor got capitalism, do you really believe that will change, really. Josh a wee time of reflection is required mate.

We will now move on to my favourite, Matthew who is also Labour now.

Matthew, I’m thinking you have swallowed not only a Daily Rancid with a bit of Bella on the side but that you might have also had Labour leaflet puddings. Austerity if I remember rightly was a Labour construct, happily continued by the blue and yellow Tories. What should the SNP do, tax until the cows come home to alleviate Tory spending cuts, aw you sneaky Matthew you. That’s the plan all along, force the SNP to tax more to fight off unionists of all colours austerity and the voters will hate the SNP. You are naughty.

Finally we have Morgan who is Labour now.

Morgan sadly you’re correct, poverty will still exist in an independent Scotland. The issue I have is that if you believe that Labour will end it then I’m sorry but you definitely need to look at the history of Labour and of Scotland in the U.K. Morgan ask yourself this, how is it that a country as wealthy as Scotland in natural resources can still have poverty, Norway has very very little and less resources than Scotland. Maybe the problem here Morgan is the unionist parties, Westminster, and Scotland still being in the U.K. Morgan go have a wee read and a wee think.

I want to finish with a wee bit of Richard.

Richard I actually find it a bit off that have your photo taken with kids holding a card, the implication being they made it, basically saying the NHS is broken. Richard the NHS is an amazing thing and long may it continue but Richard you might want to have a wee think about who brought in PFI starving the NHS of billions of pounds each year. Richard you might also want to consider which party brought in the private sector to a far larger extent, that was Labour Richard so please go away and do one.



  1. David Cameron's Secret Love Child

    Just to clarify of those “100 years”, which I have extended up until 2010 to include the last Labour Government (they were formed in 1900 so 110 years I have done) they have been in power 34 of those years. That is 31%. I added up all the months on average so it will not be a precise number, but I got 408 months which handily goes divided by 12 = 34 lol. (NB I did not include the national government led by Ramsay/Baldwin)

    In the Scottish Parliament it would be 8 years/20 as a senior partner in a coalition.

    So I am sorry to label that they have had a centruy to deliver change is nonsensical as quite often they were not in Government.

    Don’t dare say they had all the Scottish MPs as you ALWAYS go on about how those MPs are an irrelevance due to FPTP system and south east england (which I sympathise with) so to say they could do anything when you yourself admit they could not would be a farce.

    People are entitled to join the party they wish to support and I do not think you have the right to intimidate them into thinking otherwise by using their photos and things without permission (I assume).

    I agree that Labour are crap and a few are red tories who used the Blair wave to just get elected. I agree that Blair should be in jail and all that but you have no right to cast a whole party and its members as tories when many many are good people just with a different opinion.

    • grumpyscottishman

      If you put your photo and opinion on a political publication then you are open for challenge for the sake of balance. Obviously Labour have not been in power for a 100 years but as a party they had plenty of opportunities to make things better and they didn’t. Labour are a joke filled with entitlement and are as worse or worse than the Tories.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Jackie Montoya

    Jenna, Josh, Matthew & Morgan are misguided kids…& obviously British Nationalists. Anything new labour promise is & always will be a lie. The only time labour did anything good was during their short term in office after WWII. Labour abandoned Scotland long before they dropped clause 4. Richard Leonard is just another slimy, good for nothing red tory. A fairly normal example of your common or garden variety Westminster kleptocrat sniffing around for a cosy corporate job endorsing never ending plutocracy & a the possibility of ermine. Jeremy ‘Pretendy Jesus’ Corbyn is a liar & a hypocrite, a lifelong CND member against nuclear weapons…except in Scotland. Against nuclear dumping….except in Scotland. Against oppressive regimes…except the one oppressing Scotland. Wants water to be publicly owned in Scotland…when it already is, has a sly dig at the Scottish government saying, “flags don’t build houses” when during labours last tenure they built 6 affordable homes…SIX!!! Please don’t get me started on his views on Brexit.I could go on, I REALLY COULD but I can’t be bothered & it’s bad for my blood pressure.There really is nothing else to say other SAOR ALBA.

  3. Anonymous

    I agree, I can’t understand for the life why anyone would continue to fall for the Labour narrative, they are a bunch of liars to be honest and Brit Nats to the core. It is a shame as it is a party that can do good but it’s leaders gave that up a long time ago to chase the money and their sense of entitlement. They are say they are for around housing, NHS, the list is a long one but we know the truth and Leonard, hopefully they keep him for a long time as he is the gift that keeps giving.

    Thanks for commenting and taking time to read the blog.

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