Poverty with a hand tied behind your back

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has found that 230,000 children are living in poverty in Scotland.

The foundation noted that there needed to be more link up between poverty strategies and labour market strategies, adding without this it is questionable whether the Scottish Government will be able to reach its child poverty targets.

I totally agree with that, and I believe that Scotland could do more to alleviate poverty, but there is a problem. The Scottish Government has little or no control over employment law or employment related social security. It’s all good and well having a wee go at the SNP Government but that’s the wrong target, the Tories are the problem here.

The report does state that there needs to be changes to universal credit, yeah it needs to be scrapped, the whole idea of universal credit is it’s about poverty and nothing less. They also fall into yoon ammunition by stating that Scottish ministers need to be “clear on and accountable for how existing and new economic and labour market strategies align with its commitment to tackle child poverty, and to track this over time to learn from triumphs and mistakes”.

Accountability in the report should have started with the cruel and horrific government in Westminster, and the support it gets from its Scottish legion in Holyrood, if we are to lay blame, it lies there.

I know a little about poverty as a child, it’s not nice. You don’t understand what’s going on but you can see an empty cuboard, an empty fridge, extra blankets on the bed when the weather changes. Poverty is horrific, of that there is no doubt, but poverty is the Tory mantra. They like poverty, it makes people desperate, it makes them afraid, it keeps wages low, and makes people do as they are told.

Poverty should be a crime.

The only way that we can ever hope to eradicate poverty in Scotland is not by taxing more and more with the limited powers we have, it’s through independence, maybe the report should have said that.



  1. Bruce Hosie

    These are the kind of reports that annoy me. We all know where the blame lies and they should state it, the SNP have done well with what they have and while not perfect a hell of a lot better than the scary Tories. But sadly a lot of people won’t see that in this report they will see SNP bad.

    Thanks for commenting.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure but it could have been, I just wish when these type of reports come out they are a bit more accurate on the causes of the increasing levels of poverty.

      Thanks for commenting.

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