Dear Richard

A local Labour Councillor dropped off a Scottish Labour Voice at the place I was working at tonight. I wasn’t going to bother but then thought I could use a laugh.

Now most of us already know that Richard Leonard has taken the low that was Kezia Dugdale to an even newer low. I wonder if Richard is even known in his own house but he doesn’t half spout shit.

Richard, buddy, poverty is rising but who do you think started the attacks on the poor and vulnerable, the attacks the Tories and the Lib Dem’s built on, yeah it was Labour. Richard remember when our precious older people got a 10p rise on their pension, that was also taxed, yeah that was Labour Richard. Zero hours contracts, well Richard I agree they are insecure and offer little hope but Ricky your party had years to abolish them, you didn’t you promoted them.

Richard, buddy, again you had years to create a more secure and equal Scotland. We had a referendum and you won, enough Scottish people trusted you to make your plans a reality but the reality was very different Ricky, you had a chance during the Smith Commission to fight for real power to bring about transformative change, you dropped the f ball didn’t you Richard.

So you see Richard we actually do need another referendum and we need it quickly, very quickly.

Richard we agree on so much but there’s a big problem. Every time the SNP have brought forward policies to bring about change you vote against them. And Richard every time the Tories have went after the poor and the most vulnerable your party has either abstained or voted with them, formed councils to bring in Tory cuts, kept the largest party out of power in how many local authorities.

Richard, mate, can I tell you something. You are not a socialist, you are not Labour, you’re not a democrat as we saw last week at your conference when you decided that the Scottish people will forever be chained to this dysfunctional U.K. Richard you are a Tory, you are pretty much the most useless Scottish Labour branch manager since, well the last 10 or something.

Richard you are a Brit Nat of the worst kind, you’re a stupid one. Richard, you are full of shit and we reject you and your red Tory Party.



  1. Bruce Hosie

    Thanks, Labour are just not self aware and they take us all for fools, I’m sick of them and the games they play as I am the SNP slow creep to independence.

    Thanks for commenting.

  2. gordie

    Amazing Bruce

    We are as thick as pig shite Richard, yes it’s true keep going, you are right to continue on that old path, the breakthrough will come yet.

    It is close to astounding that they try and get away with these statements. They’ve been doing it for so long you have to assume that it really is all they have.

    Good post. Enjoyed it I think!

  3. Helena Brown

    An excellent post, you are doing great work Bruce. I never understood how Labour mana g ed to con people for as long. They like being in opposition, they can spout any old rubbish because as soon as they get into power, 1997 anyone, and they become Tory mark two. In fact they have as you so rightly said enabled the Tories to rob the poor and disabled now.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I just blog about what catches my interest and that is maybe not always what others cover. Labour are a joke, they crack me up as they are so delusional. They have learned nothing, they still seem to think that are entitled to Scottish votes, they don’t get that most of us have moved on and their right wing have went home to the Tories. Anyone voting for them under Leonard and Corbyn are making a huge mistake.

      Thanks for commenting.

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