British- Fication

So the attacks on the Scottish brand are to continue and are to take a turn that can be viewed as an attack on devolution.

The Tories plan on diverting funding around housing directly to local authorities rather than the Scottish Government deciding where the priorities are for that funding. This money will replace some of the EU regional funding and is being called ‘ put a Union Flag on ‘ it. The Hootsmon reports

Luke Graham, the Conservative MP for Ochil and South Perthshire, said handing development cash directly to local authorities would “normalise devolution and take the constitutional battle out of it”.

“I would very much like to see that direct application,”

“It is a UK prosperity fund, it’s not an English one or a Scottish one. It’s for the whole United Kingdom and one of the strengths of that is any part of the UK, whether it’s a larger part or a smaller part, it can connect to the greater whole.

“Now that people will be closer to the fund, close to the power and the money through Westminster, that will encourage a broader set of people to apply… they’ll be able to call up their MP and get some direct advice and representation.”

Graham added: “The way devolution has been working over the past few years hasn’t been good or bad, but it’s been dysfunctional.

“It’s been very much pitched as Edinburgh versus the rest of the UK. It’s all about jealously trying to pull powers away from Westminster and put them in Edinburgh and then not devolve further.

“We’ve gotten to a place of SNP political state-building, when actually devolution is supposed to be about bringing power closer to local people and delivering the best result and that certainly hasn’t been happening.” (The Scotsman).

None of us will be surprised by this at all. The first time round it was Project Fear this time around it is the subtle slow removal of the Saltire, the Scottish Government and Scotland as a country by implying the U.K. is the country. It’s not about strengthening devolution in any shape or form, it’s about weakening it.

Project Fear is being replaced by a new programme to bring about the next generation of Scots suffering from Jockholme syndrome. It’s subtle, it’s designed to be slow like the removal of saltires from produce, it will be built on by the BBC and the yoon media and it will seep into the minds of many. We do sadly have to fight this, we need to make people understand that everything that happens in this country is paid for by the Scottish taxpayers, it’s not a gift from The Tories, or anyone else.

The battle will be fought on a different field this time to a degree and we need to know how to recognise what they are doing so we know how to fight back. I f hate the U.K.



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