What goes around

Does anyone remember when the yoons were screaming blue murder in 2012/13 regarding the fact that the Scottish Government would not confirm if they had taken legal advice on membership of the EU. Well I saw this today:

At the time Ruth ‘ Tankstraddler ‘ Davidson demanded that the Government publishes the “actual advice” it receives so that “Scotland has the information it needs to make this historic decision. Iain ‘ Subway ‘Gray ( Manager of Scottish Labour at the time), said Miss Hyslop’s comments made “unanswerable” the case for the information to be published. ” Claiming it is contrary to the public interest is an outrageous attempt to hide the facts”. As was also noted when Blair was in power Westminster Government has not only gone to court to uphold the principle of confidentiality of legal advice, it has used the ministerial veto to prevent the release of information under FOI legislation, including preventing the release of crucial 2003 Cabinet minutes about the justification of the war in Iraq.  

The Tories very own Brexit Department today has said that ” the public interest favours maintaining the exclusion ” of it’s duty to reveal whether or not it holds such information. I wonder if the yoon media and the likes of Rennie, Leonard and the invisible Davidson will pursue this with the same vigour, I very very much doubt it.

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