Comment: Some in the SNP are starting to look like the establishment

I’ve been following some things on Twitter the last few days and I really am starting to think that some in the SNP are starting to be a bit too comfortable in the establishment that is Westminster.

SNP leader at Westminster Ian Blackford took a swipe at RT News this week.

Maybe Ian Blackford would like to put as much effort into the lies of BBC Scotland News, but the SNP don’t. Why they don’t is beyond me other than fear but this is not the first time that Blackford has disappointed.

We then get the juvenile attack on Tommy Sheridan and Sputnik.

McDonald is tiresome at the best of times but this is just a sure fire way of convincing people like me , with a serious distrust of Westminster and the Westminster attitude, to become more convinced that some are getting a bit too comfortable down in London.

I don’t know a great deal about the Tommy Sheridan court thing because I didn’t follow it but I know he has served his time, paid his dues, and in the 80s at the height of Thatchers Scotland purge he was a bright light who said enough is enough, for that alone he will always have my gratitude.

To round it off we have my very own unimpressive MP. Chris Law falling for the same, frankly pretty unbelievable story being put out by the British State about the Russian spy story.

Chris Law must have seen evidence that the rest of us, the dirty unwashed, haven’t been allowed to see because I’m with Craig Murray, this whole thing stinks to high heaven. As if Russian spies wouldn’t know they would be filmed using an international airport in the U.K. blah blah blah. It all just looks like a cheap trashy spy novel but Chris Law has obviously paid his £1.99 to buy into it.

With the continued lack of Indy focus with some in the SNP and the First Minister in my opinion, the attacks on Alex Salmond within the party from people like Blackford hitting out at his show and attacking Sputnik and RT, who are no worse than the BBC, the juvenile attacks on Tommy Sheridan, and you could add Craig Murray and Wings, I’m starting to think that some in the SNP are getting their side mixed up and are not as YES as they should be. Maybe the salary, the perks, getting told how wonderful they are is going to their head.

If anything causes an SNP YES civil war it will be the stupidity and inaction of the SNP and some of their MPs themselves who cause it. I really am starting to question the direction of travel.



  1. Alan

    Do you want them to turn into mirror versions of Ruth Davidson and just bang on relentlessly about independence?

    I’ll admit that some of the SNP MPs seem to be taken in by the Westminster bubble, but the above is simply not going to attract more voters. Indeed, the best thing those SNP MPs can continue to do is represent their constituents as well as possibly. That includes their unionist constituents.

    You know that the mandate for independence comes from Holyrood, not Westminster. Be a bit strange to watch SNP MPs screaming the roof down about independence whilst Holyrood is still in wait mode, wouldn’t it? And there is the crux of the issue. The SNP have been paralysed because the 2017 snap election produced too much uncertainty. May could fall. Brexit could be cancelled. Brexit is still in Schrodinger’s box and that isn’t opening until 29th March.

    As for the Russian nonsense, whilst there are a lot of holes in it, remember that if Scotland is to be independent it will have to behave in certain diplomatic ways towards our allies and neighbours. Now, go look at what the German, French and so forth have said about the Skirpal incident…

    I mean, there IS a tiny chance that they’re telling the truth for once. However unlikely.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I take on board what you are saying but some do seem really comfortable now. The attacks on news channels while ignoring the BBC makes them look stupid and cowardly to many.

      I don’t expect them to bang on about independence all the time, and nor should they, but if they keep playing the Westminster game they risk giving the place more legitimacy than it should have and they will make it harder to get to the indy2 point.

      Petty hits at Tommy Sheridan, no matter the opinion of the man, is Labour tactics and again makes people think. I speak to committed yes voters a lot and many can’t wait for independence and for some it’s so they don’t need to vote for the SNP as people do feel they are slipping. They will continue to do well in elections just now but if they don’t start moving on Indy 2 soon then that won’t last. People will move away from them and the I highlighted are alienating the people who will be pounding the streets at the next ref, or at least some of them.

      No party is perfect but while the civil war stuff is bullshit the party need to remember it’s not just their members they need to keep on side. The problem with the Russian thing is that the government and Westminster are so untrustworthy that no one knows what to believe and not all countries are supportive of the uks stance. More are staying well clear than are commenting and the ones you lost are the ones who for whatever reason hate the Russians.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  2. Helena Brown

    It has always bothered me that the longer we have people down in Westminster the better chance of corruption. If you want an example of what the Establishment in this so called Union can do is look at the Labour Party. Considering how little they can achieve down there I myself would prefer that they do not take their seats.
    I know this would be a risky strategy given they would get pelters from some of the population but then they do right now.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I just wonder if some are becoming more comfortable as time goes on. Why would they feel the need to take pot shots at Tommy Sheridan, Alex Salmond etc. They have not said a word about the SNP as far as I am aware so taking shots at them is pandering to the yoon media and is not helping. When some people feel that some in the SNP would be happy for indy2 to be on the back burner for a long time then you can’t not expect people to not be getting frustrated. McDonald has a bit of a history on twitter, I have never been a fan of Blackford or Chris Law to be honest. I do think they need to be careful.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Ricky

    Keep your powder dry , twitter is always and will always be a mirror into pointlessness and nonsense , everyone should beware the tweet . The SNP will sound like the establishment from time to time , simply because they have had power since 2007 , its a natural thing . Wouldn’t worry or get angry too much , the end is nigh and new beginnings are just over the hill , Scotland will be free .

    • grumpyscottishman

      I totally get twitter and it’s limitations, I understand the platform can cause more problems in explaining a position but taking pot shots like they have, without those people taking pot shots at them as far as I know, looks like they are playing the yoon game. Care needs to be taken, the conference next month is going to be difficult for them as I suspect that the indy word is well and truly closed down so by taking shots at people that many in the yes movement like and admire for me is not wise.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Lanark

    I would advise patience for now, however I share some of your doubts.

    If Alex Salmond is cleared of the charges against him, I feel that the SNP have to take a more sceptical line with the BBC /MSM. If it just reverts to the “be nice to the beeb” stance, it could lose my support.

    • Bruce Hosie

      We all have to be patient, you’re correct but they are not doing themselves many favours with some in the yes camp now. I do think they are afraid to take on the BBC and that’s clear by how they never really challenge them. I think October will be a tough month if they don’t start to move on indy2 in some way though. However taking pot shots at things like RT and people like Sheridan is crazy when many in yes are sympathetic, they need to avoid the Chuka Umunna dogs thing that I also blogged about. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you without good reason, they should just shut up and get on with their job.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Laura Atkinson

    I could probably name about 20 SNP MP’s, Stewart McDonald was not one of them.
    I was sorry and disappointed to read of his attack on Tommy Sheridan. If more people watched the ‘other’ channels, they might be a bit better informed. You will certainly learn nothing from watching ‘political’ programming from the BBC.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I’ve seen a few tweets by him that I have wondered about but I don’t get the attack on Sputnik and Sheridan, what does it achieve other than annoy people and I agree, I watch most of the news channels to get a broad range of views.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. Robert T

    Bruce I agree with your question , everyone has an opinion on Sheridan and Salmond right or wrong , but SNP MP’S and MSP’S shouldn’t be doing the work of the brit nat parties , they will be loving these outbursts , it helps cover up their racist and paedophile members outrages , not to mention DARK MONEY tRuthless, if they challenged the MSM lies and distortion with the same vigour we might get somewhere

    • Bruce Hosie

      Spot on, there was no need for it and what does it matter anyway. I haven’t seen much of Sputnik but RR is no worse than anything you get on BBC Scotland News in my opinion. It just seems to me that some people are getting a little too comfortable in London and playing the yoon game for them as you said.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. bjsalba

    As leader of one of the opposition parties, Blackford gets to see some of the top level security briefings. As far as I know, he is not allowed to talk about the detail – even with his fellow SNP MPs.

    Also calling out the security services as liars would not be a good move at this time.

    As for Tommy Sheridan, yes he is strong for Independence, but he is also against the EU for – as far as I can make out – one ideological reason, and that is they don’t allow nationalization in its purest form. As they allow wholly government owned enterprises to have a monopoly, that seems to me to be an inadequate reason.

    • Bruce Hosie


      I just don’t trust them at all, the independent ran a story about MI6 being called out by a US Senator regarding a false flag operation in Syria. I would not take anything the British Government said without a serious pinch of salt.

      I think some in the SNP need to wake up, attacking Sheridan, Salmond and RT News while pretty much being afraid to take on the BBC is a fools game. It makes them look weak and being played by the established order in London. Irrespective of what Tommy Sheridan’s views are attacking him personally was just petty and Labour tactics, it served no purpose other than annoy many in YES. I have spoken to a few huge yes supporters and many are getting sick of the lack of real action now, I appreciate the SNP have their tactics but they are taking a big risk and a failure to offer some clarity in October may well back fire in them.

      Thanks for commenting.

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