Call off the dogs!

So Chuka Umunna, Labour MP, is demanding Jeremy Corbyn ” call off the dogs ” as sitting Labour MPs who call themselves centre left ( which is Labour for Tory ) may be deselected.

The problem with this is that calling your own party members dogs certainly isn’t going to help. The simple reality is a lot of people in England joined Labour and are taking it back to the left. That is their right as members to vote for the policy and people they like.

Umunna as well as calling them dogs, is also implying they are racists , Mr Umunna is expected to say MPs are being targeted for standing up for zero tolerance of racism.

I must admit I have not really made all that much of an effort to make a judgement on wether some in Labour are anti-semites or not. I do think that there appears to be a climate of being accused of that if you speak out against the Israeli Government in the Labour Party. Despising that government doesn’t make someone a racist or anti Semite.

Tony Blair has weighed into the debate saying the party is lost pretty much. Tony Blair, Brown, Mandleson , Murphy, Darling are all disgustingly right wing and would never have been out of place in the Tory party. All they did in power was throw some crumbs to the poor folk then embarked on war and banking deregulation that resulted in the largest price being paid by the poor folk.

I have no love for the Labour Party, I never have and I never will. However, I believe it’s for the members of that party to decide policy, who they want to represent them and direction of travel. Not the unions, not the neo-liberal Tories still in the party, not the right wing media or the wealthy.

Chuka Umunna in calling the members of the Labour Party dogs and implying they are racists just highlights how much Labour was infected by people who should have been in the Tory party and by people like Darling who only wanted to feather their own nest. Chuka if you’re not happy then get out.



  1. trispw

    Seems to me that it is high time that the Conservatives and Labour need to go away and sort themselves out.

    Neither of them seems to stand for much these days.

    The Tories are riven over Brexit, and I was reading a few minutes ago that even the Brexiteers are at war with themselves.

    In Labour you have war mongering money grubbing capitalists like Blair and his followers, and you have Corbynites, slightly left of centre. These two groups are never going to work together as one. Added to that they are fighting over Brexit too, and there’s be far more opposition to the prime minister from Ress Mogg and Boris than there has been from the opposition.

    One thing I know is that all of them will do anything to keep hold of Scotland’s wealth and none of them give a shot about Scotland or its people.

    As for the Liberals… bwa ha ha ha ha ha.

  2. Bruce Hosie

    I think the Tories are planning a leadership challenge, it might fail but it’s looking increasingly likely. Labour could split with some from the Liberals and Tories joining a new Neil liberal centralist party. The Tories in Labour seem determined to destroy it and people like Umunna are no longer hiding how they feel. It also amazes me that Watson is till where he is, he is a horrible politician who just appears to play all the games. It’s all a shambles though but calling your own members dogs says that you don’t care anymore and you expect to be leaving soon.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. smac1314

    Unlike you Bruce, I have a long family connection with the Labour Party and the trades unions. There is nothing that will ever make me vote Labour ever again but the attack by the Red Tories on Corbyn and the membership is a disgrace.
    Of course the real problem is a two party system that is propped up by FPTP. If the U.K. was a true democracy there would be PR and room for multiple parties. At the moment there are six potential parties in England. The right-wing nationalists (UKIP basically), and business wing of the Tories on one side. The centrists and social democrats of Labour on the other. Finally there are the unprincipled LibDems, and the Greens who seem to be drowning in a mess of identity politics . With PR each of these parties would be able to persuade people of their arguments and the best of them would attract voters. But we know that is never going to happen. Whoever splits first (my guess it will be Labour) will be condemned to opposition for twenty years due to FPTP.
    We must ensure that an independent Scotland has a voting system that can’t be corrupted the way the U.K. has, one that is there to serve the people not the politicians.

  4. grumpyscottishman

    PR I support 100% and believe it could lead to better politics and at the very least every vote would matter. But it won’t happen in the UK as it would be too great a risk for the elite and influential to lose their grip on power, and we can’t have that. I have no love of Labour or the trade union movement even though I am in a union. The attacks on Corbyn are by the very same people who fear losing power or position, it just shows how far Labour have fallen. I hope the members consolidate their control and the likes of Umunna are gone for good. I really do think it is up to the members in all parties to decide the direction of travel no matter what that is. One of the reasons I left the SNP was the consolidation of power by the leadership of the party when it grew by the thousands, they weakened members ability to have a meaningful say and are still at it with the selections of debates at conference. I can’t be in any party because of all that crap.

    Thanks for commenting.

    • Anonymous

      I think the new members, mainly in England, are trying to move the party back to the left and the Tory Blairites hate it and I say bring it on. Anything that helps in Scotland to shift people to YES as Labour becomes unelectable the better as far as I am concerned.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Ricky

    Could this be a Brexit side serve , two leadership challenges just as a no deal Brexit gets announced ? Actually it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this happens .

    Off Topic a little , I’m wondering just how many No voters last time will switch to independence , and how many labour and Lib Dems are crossing the divide ? The last couple of polls looks like way may be ahead , but this doesn’t include 16/17 year olds , so are we 55 – 45 in the lead or is it perhaps more .

    • Anonymous

      I have heard people themselves saying that they will vote yes to stay in the EU and hopefully that will off set the people who say they will vote no if Scotland is to stay in the EU. I always say to people joining the EU will only happen if people vote for it in a referendum and they can campaign for a no to the EU vote. I also say to them that they would rather stay in a Tory undemocratic UK than at worse a democratic EU. I voted leave for lots of reasons and one of them being it is the only way we will get both another indy referendum and a YES vote. Cameron calling the EU vote was a god send as without his pandering to the right in his own party another ndy referendum was not going to happen in my lifetime. I just wish the SNP were more visibly passionate for it as much as the yes movement.

      Tanks for commenting.

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