Something Different: Rainbow Tracks

I blogged about Rainbow a while back as one of my favourite bands, maybe my favourite band is Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow overall, certainly up there with Duran Duran.

I listen to this band a lot, a few times a week and sometimes every day to be honest. So I thought I would stick with the music theme this week and here are a few of my favourite Rainbow songs.

Stone Cold (Straight Between The Eyes).

One of my favourite all time tracks, cheesy video but I have always loved this song. This is the era my brother didn’t really get into. Joe Lynn Turner is a lot better vocalist than he ever got credit for.

Stargazer (Rainbow Rising).

One of the best songs featuring Dio and one of the rock classics of all time.

I Surrender (Difficult To Cure).

I remember always wanting this played at the youth club so I could do some air guitar lol.

Love’s No Friend (Down To Earth).

An underrated Bonnet song from Down to Earth, this was a bit like a homage to the earlier stuff for me.

Tarot Woman (Rainbow Rising).

Another rock classic, an epic track.

Eyes of Fire (straight Between The Eyes).

This is another underrated track with Turner on vocals, so very well put together. A bit of Rainbow of old I thought when I heard it.

Fire Dance (Bent Out Of Shape).

An excellent song, I love this song.

Kill The King (Long Live Rock and Roll).

This was on the third album and later released as an ep and again a great track. Cozy Powell on drums, what’s not to like.

Desperate Heart (Bent Out Of Shape).

Brilliant song with amazing vocals from Turner.

Magic (Difficult To Cure).

One of the ones I used to belt out at the top of my lungs.

Gates of Babylon (Long Live Rock and Roll).

Dio at his best.

Street of Dreams (Bent Out of Shape).

Blackmore says this is his favourite Rainbow song and as close to the sound he wanted that they ever got.

Waiting for a Sign (Memories in Rock II).

This came out this year, and while I think Ronnie Remero is pretty poor overall, Blackmore is amazing on this song and the first new track for 20 years or something.

All Night Long (Down To Earth).

Lyrics of its time but a massive hit for the band and vocally one on the best by Graham Bonnet.

Hall Of The Mountain King (Strangers In Us All).

From the bands last album and with Dougie White on vocals, a good track and while my least favourite Rainbow album it’s still decent.

Perfect Strangers (Black Masquerade).

Rainbow doing a Blackmore song from his Deep Purple but a great version with Dougie White singing.

Death Alley Driver (Straight Between The Eyes).

A good Turner track about when he was in a high speed chase.

No Release (Difficult To Cure).

Another of my absolute favs.

A Light In The Black (Rainbow Rising).

Another classic rock song, one of the  best ever for me.


Can’t Let You Go (Bent Out Of Shape).

A great track. Great vocals rubbish video.

So just some of the tracks that I love from Rainbow but as a wee homage here are some from past members of the band that I like also.

Cozy Powell Dance with the Devil.

What a drummer.

Graham Bonnet Night Games.

His first solo single after Rainbow.

Joe Lynn Turner Sunstorm.

Awful video but a good song.

Dio Holy Diver.

Wasn’t a huge fan of his solo work but this is a massive track.

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5 Responses to Something Different: Rainbow Tracks

  1. JazzerStix says:

    I’ve a playlist on my media player with 10 of my favourite Rainbow tracks:

    Spotlight Kid
    A Light In The Black
    Eyes Of The World
    Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
    Difficult To Cure (Beethoven’s Ninth)
    Gates Of Babylon
    Lost In Hollywood
    Kill The King
    Death Alley Driver

    There were a few on your excellent post I haven’t heard in years. Need to have a browse through my Rainbow albums again. Thanks for the great post.

  2. Ricky says:

    Nicely done , really top notch tracks . Joe Lynn Turner was always underrated , but I did see him and Yngwie Malmsteen a good few years back and it was amazing , this is from 1988 , . Dio was and is my favourite Rainbow vocalist , Bonnet was the better front man but Dio’s vocals suited Rainbow , funnily enough Dio and Yngwie teamed up , it was interesting . .
    Ynwgie Malmsteen is the biggest ego to ever hold a guitar , ever , but he can play like hell .

  3. Ricky says:

    I figured this out , any time I leave you links wordpress has a hissy fit and doesn’t always include my replies .

    This is a really great choice you’ve made , Turner’s vocals were underrated , check out the stuff he did with Yngwie Malmsteen , Bonnet was the best front man who funnily enough played with Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen during his stint with Alcatrazz . But for me Ronnie James Dio is the perfect vocalist for Rainbow , it’s just the perfect fit , Dio also incidentally sang a few tunes with Yngwie Malmsteen , you should check their cover of Aerosmith’s Dream On , its interesting . Metallica did a tribute to Ronnie James Dio just after he passed , its a nine minute spectacular called Ronnie Rising Tribute .

    • Ricky
      Turner definitely underrated in my opinion. I think Bonnet does well with his own Rainbow stuff but struggled, as most do, with the early Dio stuff. White is better than he gets credit for, certainly a hell of a lot better than Romero. Dio for me is the first half and Turner the second. I’ll check out some of the stuff you listed thanks.

      Thanks for commenting.

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