Would anyone notice?

So the current leader of the Liberal Democrat’s Vince ‘ did not predict the crash of 2008 ‘ Cable is thinking of standing down as leader of the party next year allegedly, would anyone notice?

It appears the Liberal Democrat wants to allow non MPs to stand for the leadership of the party, similar to the Greens I suppose. Now this is all very democratic from a members viewpoint but how effective and realistic would it be and would it improve the parties fortunes?

The party currently polls at 8% nationally.

Vince Cable has done nothing as leader of the Liberal Democrat’s, he has been as ineffective as Tim Farron was but at least Farron got the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Vince believes this policy will lead to a growth of members in the party. It won’t.

Now I do consider myself a liberal social democrat, irrespective of what a certain Liberal member that I like and admire says, he thinks I’m a socialist.

I was once a member of the party why I joined the Lib Dens and my political beliefs haven’t changed. I still believe in independence and could accept federalism if that is what Scotland wanted. In many ways the SNP are viewed as the left of centre party the Scottish Liberal Democrat’s should be.

The sad reality though is that Vince Cable has not achieved anything of note and won’t be missed. The party has no real leader in waiting of the 12 MPs it has, Jo Swinson is a Tory in my opinion and Willie Rennie,although an MSP, is vacuous as best and pretty crap. The party remains infected by the Alex Cole Hamilton’s of the world who again are not Liberals for me. Tim Farron and Norman Lamb remain the only two decent MPs the party has and the likes of Christine Jardine are the reason for its continued failure to make in roads.

I still believe the U.K. needs a Liberal Democratic Party, sadly there isn’t one with a leader of note on the horizon.

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6 Responses to Would anyone notice?

  1. Alan says:

    I think the idea of going for a non-MP as leader is probably sensible, given the state of their MPs.

    • Alan
      On paper it sounds great but it isn’t effective but either way it won’t make a difference the coalition all but killed them off. If he stands down and Swinson gets the gig it will probably kill them off but no one will notice.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Neil Anderson says:

    Does anyone even care?

    • Neil
      I don’t think many do anymore. Clegg and his lot killed the Liberals off pretty much. They had Charles Kennedy and he was a good politician with issues, rather than support him they forced him out and look where they are now. I don’t think many will notice if they ended as a party.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Ricky says:

    No one will notice what the Lib Dems do , they sold their soul for power and screwed over students who would probably have voted for them on a longer term basis .

    • Ricky
      You are spot on. Most people won’t care and while they have decent members I won’t miss them and maybe a proper Liberal Party will rise from the ashes. The day they turned on Kennedy and sold their souls to the Tories was the day they were over as a serious political force. We do need liberalism as a choice for those who want it but it s not coming from the Liberal Democrat’s that’s for sure.

      Thanks for commenting.

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