Pointless and Delusional

So Jeremy Corbyn is coming to Scotchland for 4 days of ignorance, SNP bad and empty promises, the Labour mantra.

And just as Jeremy Corbyn visits the only country in the world that Jeremy doesn’t think can govern itself the Independent tell us he will win the next the election cause the Tories are shit.

It’s like they actually think Scotland lives in some kind of time warp or something. We have had the not so self aware Gordon Brown telling us that we should raise taxes to alleviate child poverty caused by both Tory and Labour Governments. Part two will be Corbyn and his flunkey Leonard telling us that we will have a jobs first Brexit and Scotland, if it stays in the union, will get sqillions of jobs, pounds and empty promises.

Corbyn will launch a Built in Britain campaign, promote British industry, support British manufacturing, urge people to buy British where possible (see the pattern) but to head off the nutter nats Corbyn will say Labour will boost Scottish manufacturing lol.

Corbyn will get hours and hours of airtime to both rubbish the SNP in the North while the BBC bring up anti semitism for the viewers down south. Corbyn will no doubt show all of his ignorance of Scotland, the man is just not relevant in Scotland is he but it’s just a pity he wasn’t driving here as he probably wouldn’t have made it if his sat nav had Scotland down as a country, he sees us as a region all the way.

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10 Responses to Pointless and Delusional

  1. Brian says:

    Both Corbyn’s and Leonard’s grasp of Scottish politics and of reserved matters is demonstrably shaky. I look forward to many more gaffes during those four days.

    • Brian
      I saw a little on the news, just absolute crap as usual. Leonard is even worse than Dugdale ever was and Corbyn is a clown, no clue about Scotland because we are as relevant as Manchester to him. He has never seen Scotland as a country and is no asset to Labour in Scotland, they might as well just all become Tories because that is what they are anyway.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. trispw says:


    I think that the Independent has got it wrong.

    In a survey about who would make the better pm, highlighted by Jo Maughm QC on Twitter, the results were

    Refused to vote 4%
    Neither of the two 37%
    May 35%
    Corbyn 24%

    Theresa May is demonstrably the worst prime minister in living memory. She is making a mess of everything, from Brexit to transport, health, law and order, you name it she’s made an arse of it. Even a huge section of her own party loathe her, and yet Corbyn is behind her.

    You couldn’t make it up.

    And Leonard is the worst of a terrible bunch of leaders of Labour in Scotland. For heaven’s sake, the hated Tories with the dodgy branch manager and her dark money are ahead of her.

    If ever we needed a good opposition it is now.

    And Corbyn is letting the whole country down.

    • Tris
      That is a bigger problem for the SNP in Holyrood, the fact that their partners in many ways the Greens are in fact the best opposition to them. Now I don’t mind that as I have always had a soft spot for the Greens on the basis of their stance on the environment but the Tories only get support from ultra Brits but are crap, Scottish Labour are just plain crap, and the Liberals are a mess with no real talent and the talent in the party, which I know is there, don’t get the chance to shine in the usual party politics system that we have in this country. Leonard is a clown managed by a clown who is no friend of Scotland, I would hate to be a yoon and have them as my choice of a vote, I just wouldn’t vote.

      Thanks for the info.

  3. Helena Brown says:

    You said it all when you titled your piece. Pointless and delusional indeed.

    • Helena
      They really are, they can’t win in Scotland because enough people saw through them and how they got rich while Scotland got poorer and Corbyn can’t win in England because England and their so called Labour heartlands are more UKip than Ukip. You just can’t write the mess this country is in now.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. smac1314 says:

    I was naive enough to think that Corbyn offered some hope to the people of England but boy was I wrong. An ineffectual leader who is enabling a Tory no-deal Brexit that will devastate communities across the UK. Even if we escape by the independence lifeboat, the mess that England and Wales will become will have a drag on our economy. He talks a lot of sense about recreating a manufacturing industry but we need to be in a market that we can sell manufactured goods to. Who does he think that is going to buy goods with WTO tariffs on them? As for the politics of Scotland, there are amoebas out there that understand more about what is reserved and what is devolved than he does. And just once I would like to hear him admit that the PFI mess his party created has been a disaster for local authorities and the SNHS, and is helping to make the effects of Tory austerity worse. I won’t be holding my breath.

    • smac1314
      I’ve never taken to him. The more I learned early on the more I saw a career politician better stuck on the back benches. He was always anti EU and that’s why he won’t fight Brexit. He believes that Scotland is a region , end of. I don’t believe for one minute that he thinks Scotland is a country. As far as manufacturing goes those days are gone, we don’t have the skills or infrastructure to start again and can’t compete with the slave trade that is places like China and India with low wages. The only way to even begin would be to buy British but then all you would do is close down the other manufacturers from abroad here. Thatcher killed off any hope of manufacturing in the U.K. and the Tories of all colours continue the process.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Anonymous says:

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