Something Different: Ant Man and the Wasp

So went to see the latest Marvel movie today, what is it number 19 or something.

I surprisingly really liked the first Ant Man movie and thought the characters role in Avengers Civil War worked pretty well too. This movie picks up after Civil War but just before Infinity War. Basically, following Ant Man surviving the quantum realm in the first film Hank Pym believes that his wife might be alive in the same realm so works to figure out a way to bring her back. Meantime Ant Man is under house arrest due to helping Captain America in Civil War but resolves to help Pym and his daughter Hope try to get the Wife/Mum back. To do this they require a piece of high tech and other people are after this also. This introduces the two baddies into the film, Sonny Burch and Ghost. There after the adventure begins with some humour thrown in from Michael Pena as in the first film.

I hadn’t read any reviews for the film so was just hoping that it would be as enjoyable as the first one, and while I wouldn’t say it was better, it was at least as good. Where the film falls down a little, like the first, is that the baddie is not all that bad so maybe this film is aimed more at the kids. It was really funny in stages and continues to show that Marvel tie in their films really well together, something DC has failed to do in every way. A good movie, not a great movie, but well worth a watch.




    • grumpyscottishman

      It is exactly that , 2 hours of escape and amazing special effects. Marvel don’t t disappoint very often. The film was good overall and as enjoyable as the first one. I think this is more of a kids one for me but I enjoyed it

      Thanks for commenting.

  1. Ricky

    I took the daughter to watch the first Ant Man and we both loved it , the humour is really good as is the effects . Haven’t watched this yet ,but I did watch Infinity War the other night and for me that was the best of the Marvel Universe to date , followed by Ant Man and Thor Ragnarok .

  2. billy

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