The Job is Done

So we are now dying younger, Osborne and Cameron’s job is complete.

We got there in the end – a remarkable national effort”: that’s how former chancellor George Osborne celebrated the government meeting his deficit target on the day-to-day budget two years late. “It was the right thing to do,” was David Cameron’s smug echo.

Owen Jones article is well worth a read. We have seen the lowest wage growth in years, and some of the worst in the EU, add in the cost of living and you have the perfect storm.

According to the TUC child poverty in Scotland has continued to rise year on year since the Tories got back into power. In 2010 the number sat at 122,000, in 2018 it sits at 185,00 which is an increase of 52% and life expectancy has ground to a halt as Owen Jones points out for the first time since 2011. As we know from the raising of the retirement age people in Scotland, who have a lower life expectancy, will draw less of their pension, if at all, and will basically be subsidising the better off in the South East of England, Better Together anyone.

We know there has been a huge increase in the use of food banks across the UK year on year since the Tories came to power and brought in both austerity and universal credit.

But it’s ok because one of the last things that Osborne and Cameron did was to look after their own. The Queen, according to the BBC, got a whopping rise with as Sovereign Grant will have risen from £31m to £82m over six years – (this) has been made public at a time of continued pay restraint in the public sector and when there is a focus, after the Grenfell Tower fire, on the divide between rich and poor. They also made sure that the wealthy did ok.

Don’t you just love the Tories!



  1. Bob Nugent



    • grumpyscottishman

      Sorry if the full post didn’t show, my app on my phone and the website don’t seem to be interacting as well as they used to and sometimes I start a blog on my phone and finish it on my PC so will need to check what is going on there.

      You are correct that the Tories certainly don’t care all that much about the poor but I think you would be surprised by how many poorer people do in fact vote for them, especially down south. 44% of the Tory vote at the last election was from DE voters (semi-skilled and unskilled manual occupations, unemployed people and those in the lowest grade occupations) . For me that is the right wing in people coming out and not those actually thinking deeply about their vote.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Helena Brown

    We have rickets back, kids are suffering, malnutrition brings problems that these Tory Boys, some who read history but forgot everything as soon as they left University.
    A wee reminder, they were fighting their usual expansionist Imperial war in South Africa against big well fed Boers, the British Army was staffed at the fighting end with wee under fed grunts. That is when they started looking at the nutrition of the army and it worked it’s way into the general population.
    I see trouble ahead if something is not done, but then, another piece of history. The French Aristocracy were told to pay their taxes and they refused. Now I wonder what happened to them, ah well there is no telling some people.

    • grumpyscottishman

      Sorry if the full post didn’t show, my app on my phone and the website don’t seem to be interacting as well as they used to and sometimes I start a blog on my phone and finish it on my PC so will need to check what is going on there.

      The full post now up highlights a snapshot of what has been happening since 2010 and it is beyond belief and your are correct we are seeing a return of illnesses that were supposed to have eradicated years ago and it will get worse. The Tories were just so happy to use the 2008 crash to move their long term neoliberal plans along while being able to make sure those who caused the crash did not lose a penny, in fact got richer, and did not face prison terms that some of them no doubt should have. Total joke and yet too many still vote them in Scotland and want to chain Scotland to this greed and loathing.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. trispw

    Along, of course, with endless misery and worry for ordinary people, now made worse by the worries over a Brexit which is being negotiated (or not) by a bunch of complete balloons, who are at war with each other… and may end up with there being no food for anyone.

    6 months away from Departure Day the EU still doesn’t know what the Brits want, because the Brits don’t know what the Brits want.

    The DWP is in chaos. Universal Credit is in meltdown. And if David Cameron’s “Big Society” ever existed, it has now completely disappeared.

    Britain is a miserable place, a laughing stock and a place to be avoided. I’m told that the tourism figures are showing a steep drop, despite the cheapness of the pound.

    • grumpyscottishman

      Sorry if the full post didn’t show, my app on my phone and the website don’t seem to be interacting as well as they used to and sometimes I start a blog on my phone and finish it on my PC so will need to check what is going on there.

      Spot on, yet people still vote for them and Labour, as has been pointed out this week, have basically the same policies in regards to austerity that the Tories have. I don’t know what it will take to wake people up, they used to always say that when people get hungry enough they will take to the streets, sadly we might be about to find out how true that saying is. When I read the article and did a wee update on the state of play even I still get angry at what I find out. This country is a disgusting place it really is. When I first started to blog some people used to say to me that I was talking shit about a new Victorian Age, I’ll need to ask them how they feel now because we are not far from it. Every gain that the poor made, every improvement is slowly being eroded away. Thatcher started the process with mass unemployment, shrinking of the state and getting poor people enslaved in the housing market by selling off council houses, meaning people were too afraid to strike and homelessness grew. Every Tory Government since has taken us further along the neoliberal path and since 2010 the Tories have been in a rush to get as much done as they can before they get voted out but this time there will be no reversing the damage. Our only hope is independence.

      Thanks for commenting.

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