I don’t know

If the Sunday Herald giving Alistair McConnachie from a Force for Good a platform is actually a good thing or a bad thing.

We know that the Sunday Herald stopped being anything worth bothering about a long time ago, the mask slipped when they employed Angela Haggerty and gave her weird views a platform, but this guy with the dirty shirt really is a bit of a clown.

Just read the article and you can see this guy really has no idea, I’m not exactly a political sooth sayer but this guy makes me look like Einstein. He is a walking contradiction who doesn’t really know all that much about anything, he denies the holocaust while saying that Britain is force of good but just not all the time.


We know the unionists have control of the media, and the BBC, so people like Scotland In Union and this weirdo get a profile, but I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. When you read anything they write,or say, it becomes clear very quickly that they need help, they certainly don’t harm the YES movement.

So while the Sunday Herald continues to become as coherent as Tom Harris I’m not outraged with today’s feeble unionist attempt. I kind of think the more extreme they become the more helpful they are.



  1. Ricky

    Seems a rather obvious question , is England turning into little political America , or are they just showing their true right wing colours .

    • grumpyscottishman

      It’s interesting. My Mother in Law has been staying with us for a week, a week in London a week in Dundee then left for London for another week before she returns to Ghana. We were having a chat and she said that Scotland definitely feels like a totally different country now. She didn’t think that before but she Scotland is so much cleaner, politer, services appear far better and people happier. She says that she agrees with me now that huge parts of England are a dump now if you don’t have money. Really interesting as she would not have said that 15 years ago. She also noticed the anti SNP anti Scottish feelings down south, even her friends have a bit of an anti Scottish thing going on but that what they are being told is obviously rubbish and she told her friends they need to come and see it for themselves and also the rubbishbwe get fed. She was shocked at how bad the BBC is in Scotland, espnthe news and union jacks everywhere on the BBC.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Lanark

    That photo in the Sunday Herald was taken at the AUOB march in Dumfries.

    We passed the guy at Burns Statue and there was him and about four others, they made for a pretty sad sight.

    Why he is getting any prominence at all is strange indeed.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I think they will give any yoon a platform while protecting elected yoons as much as possible. The best we can hope for now is that these papers go under and it would make no difference to my life at all. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but lean towards good. This guy is incoherent at best and not well at worst so who knows some people might just find dirty shirt man obscene.

      Thanks for commenting.

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