Is it a witch hunt?

I don’t know about you but I am getting really bored with the Labour anti Semitism row that just appears to be going on and on and on and on. All the papers and news channels appear to cover it at every opportunity and I am starting to believe this is all about bringing down Corbyn by the Blairites and the established media.

What is Anti-Semitism? ADL define this as The belief or behavior hostile toward Jews just because they are Jewish. It may take the form of religious teachings that proclaim the inferiority of Jews, for instance, or political efforts to isolate, oppress, or otherwise injure them. It may also include prejudiced or stereotyped views about Jews.

I won’t pretend to know all of the details, or to even understand if there is in fact a problem of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party but it all feels like it’s starting to smell. I remember back in May, and reported in the Independent, Labour MP John Woodcock saying that Jeremy Corbyn’s presence at the Seder (Passover) was “deliberately baiting the mainstream Jewish community”. Corbyn’s crime was that he spent Passover with a group that’s critical of Israel, and the only concession the group made to Jews is that they’re Jewish, and they broke bread and said a prayer to Elijah’s cup, recited to pour scorn upon enemies of the Jews, and pledged to continue campaigning against anti-Semitism but apart from that they obviously hate Jews.

I have often thought that life is too short for all that crap. I consider myself a Christian but I don’t care who loves whom, who has sex with whom as long as it’s legal and not exploitative, I don’t care about the colour of someone’s skin, their faith, where they are from. Life is really too short to care all that much about that stuff and while in Scotland we have the stain of sectarianism, and I have no doubt there are anti-Semitics out there, as there are racists and homophobes out there but that says more about the individuals and their issues than anything else to my mind. There may well be a problem in Labour, and other parties in relation to anti-Semitism, but as Tris over at Munquins New Republic tweeted last night, and I totally agree.

There is no doubt in my mind that what I understand of the actions of the Israeli Government is pretty disgusting in the main. They come across as wanting to provoke conflict rather than to resolve it by their policy and actions. I even read an artice a while back that implied that Jews and Palestinians shared the same genetic roots so had more in common than not which makes it all even sadder. However my political view on the Israeli Government , as Tris explains so well, does not make me anti-Semitic in any shape or form and I haven’t seen anything that shows Corbyn to be anti-Semitic and everyone who has ever read this blog knows I am not a fan of Labour or Corbyn in any shape or form.

This issue stinks to me and also feels similar to the BBC / Wings spat this week about YouTube. This all feels like it is about silencing the Corbyn message and splitting the Labour Party, breaking the Momentum Movement. This feels partly about freedom of speech and the fear that Corbyn might actually have a chance of winning in England given how dire the Tories are. We are at a dangerous cross roads when ideas and expression are attacked as viciously as the are now in the UK using ides such as anti-Semitism, homophobia, racism when no one appears to be presenting any evidence that this is in fact the case other than isolated individual ignorance and stupidness, we need to be very careful of following this path in my humble ignorant opinion.



  1. trispw

    Bang on, Bruce.

    Can’t pretend to understand it all, and I don’t understand the Israeli Palestine problem fully either. I keep meaning to sit and read about Balfour, but frankly, it’s dreary stuff.

    But like you, I don’t give a toss what colour, creed, nationality, size, gender, sexuality, age, ability…etc someone is. And I can’t understand anyone getting bent out of shape about any of these things, but god, how they do.

    It’s time Labour sorted this out for once and for all. And NOW.

    No one may have noticed but we are facing a crisis.

    We have a nearly impossible conundrum to solve; we have singularly the least intelligent/able government for 60 years and more, dependent, due to its own stupidity on a pile of hate fanatics. We really need an opposition that doesn’t have its stupid head up its own backside fighting over whether their leader is, or is not, anti-semitic.

    We’re talking about running out of food here, and they are bickering at each other.

    Get on the with Day Job.

    • Anonymous

      I really do think this about bringing down Corbyn or at the very least keeping him out of power. This could split the Labour Party and I have read a few things that people have written about behind the scenes working to form a new party, it won’t work but it will split their vote making it harder for them to win but it could be good for the SNP in the short term. They do need to try and get it out the way but I just don’t see that happening at all.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Ray Melville

    Smells of a right wing plot to split the labour movement as Corbyn is seen as a huge threat to the ‘establishment ‘

    • Anonymous

      I think it is about bringing him down I must admit, it’s so stupid given this Tory Government will more than likely implode in the next 6 to 12 months or so and there will be an election. If the EU play hard ball then I can’t see how there can’t not be an election so this feels like it’s about keeping Corbyn out of power, the Tories in the Labour party don’t want it, the Tories don’t want it and certainly the media don’t want it.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. East Neuker

    “I consider myself a Christian” you say……
    I’m bit surprised that you consider yourself to belong to any of the delusional mythologies, of which I consider Christianity to be just another one. Really? Some Jewish guy was executed by the Romans but that expiated all your sins if you believe that he was the son of the Jewish god? All religions are group delusions anchored in self deception to avoid confronting mortality. You seemed a more rational person than that.
    I’m happy to debate this.

    • Anonymous

      East Neuker
      Faith is just that, faith. Some have faith in science and others religion because faith doesn’t answer the questions they have like morality, interpretation, understanding, the universe. It’s very subjective, it is no more wrong to believe there is a God than to believe Darwin, both require faith. I have always taken the view that if a person believes there is a God then there is a God for them and if someone doesn’t then there isn’t so no debate need take place, both science and faith can live side by side as neither can determine the falsehood of the other and therefor arguments can be pointless. I didn’t come to believe in a God young, I came to believe in the alternatives in my 30’s when I could not find the answers I was looking for, does that make me wrong or deluded, not in my mind as it is what it is. I don’t judge people who don’t have faith or those who do. I don’t pretend to have all the answers because no one does, will science one day provide the answers to existence and fill the gaps, maybe or maybe not. Will Christians be able to prove beyond any doubt that God is real, maybe or maybe not, which is why both are based on faith. I don’t think that religious belief is about confronting mortality for most, mortality is inevitable either way so a mute point. Often people say that religion has caused more harm than anything but then the same argument can be used against greed, consumerism and money with the desire to have as much of it as you can. I do consider myself rational, my faith is what it is, not perfect, it can be hypocritical and judgemental, it can hurt and it can demonstrate a lack of caring. No different from anyone who doesn’t have faith and I don’t pretend otherwise. What my faith does provide is it allows me to believe I need to be better, I need to grow, I need to care, I need to understand, I need to sacrifice. Everything a non believer may believe also but faith is where I ground mine while other use science. Again subjective and it is what it is.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. George

    It keeps HM opposition from interfering in important matters (is that anti-Semitic) like the Brexit disaster. The more it’s banged on about, the more bored people become and lose sight of what’s the really important bit.

    As to the BBC; interfering in domestic poitics isn’t in their remit. Illicit transmission of ‘Poldark’ fair enough but the Beeb only created the opportunity for people to speak, not what was said so I don’t see how ‘intellectual copyright’ can apply.

    • Anonymous

      I think someone in London decided to chance it, probably at the behest of the yoons, believing that nothing would come of it but those days are gone. I think Gary Robertson and John Beattie only covered it because they knew nothing about it, they were not informed by their London masters it was going to happen and that got them angry as it made them look like clowns. I don’t believe they are ever consulted with anyway, they get told, end of, but this time they never even got told. I think the Corbyn thing is to divert and bring him down as they fear him the more likely a general election is looming, I don’t see one soon but I do think that May can’t survive more than a year at best.

      Thanks for commenting.

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