So just back from my holidays and still have a few days off until I go back to work. Today is the wash the clothes and try to get back to normality day, why are holidays away like that. You get back and you kinda feel out of sorts, bit weird to me anyway. I stayed in a place called Capaci, about 10 miles from Palermo. The weather as you would expect was excellent, hot everyday and the coldest it got during the night was the high 80s.

I don’t take a lot of photos when I am away, my wife is more the one for the photos but above and below are some of the ones I took. We stayed in a villa which was very nice and Capaci is a laid back easy going place. The beach was very busy at weekends and def better to go during the week, the sunsets were something else. Most people come out later at night as it is just a little cooler overall.

Right outside where we were staying an older gentleman drove an original 1967 or thereabouts Fiat 500. It had over 200,000 on the clock and the only car the guy had ever owned and he didn’t see the need to change it, as in his words ” it still worked “.

So just some photos from my trip, my wife and friends went into Palermo for the day but I decided to be lazy, and given how mental the drivers were I decided to chill out and have a day to myself. I went for a walk, ate some bread, had a beer and read a book with my feet up so no photos from Palermo but I am sure my wife has a few. Sicily is a lovely place, some things are pretty expensive and others not. We went self catering as I prefer to do that. The pizza is very good, the beer not great, the pasta good but most days I had an egg sandwich for breakfast. You can’t take Dundee out of the boy. The people are mostly friendly but things like public transport where we stayed was not great so we had to hire a car, my wife drove lol and given how she drives (hopefully she won’t read this) fit in really well but seriously she was brilliant and braver than I could ever be.

It was good to get away and have a break, next year we are thinking we will play it by ear, and depending on the EU situation with travel, we might just stay in the UK and visit down south.

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6 Responses to Sicily

  1. Helena Brown says:

    They’re lovely photographs, thanks for sharing. We passed Sicily on our way through to the Eastern Mediterranean, believe it or not no sunshine, not even North Africa, September/October 2013. As viewers of Montalbano, it is somewhere we would like to go, so nice to see your pictures and read your comments.
    We are somewhat held at home with an elderly Pug, no longer able we feel to put him into home boarding.
    Next year will be problematic for everyone, unless you are a Tory politician, so not worrying about holidays. Having been subjected to enough abuse, we will not ever go to England.

    • Helena
      It was nice to have a break as work is pretty much full on all the time now and I really needed the break. Working for local authorities is no fun anymore, in fact my wife is away to start medical school in the summer for two years to become a physicians assistant and when she passes, and hopefully gets a job, we have agreed I will go half time as I just find working for the council really stressful now and everyone feels the same. It was a nice break and the weather amazing. I am never the best for taking photos. We also have two days in Manchester at the jazz festival which was nice also.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Kangaroo says:

    Next year you will need a visa to go Down South.😎

    Glad you had a lovely holiday in Capace. Hope your refreshed for the fight ahead.

    Cheers from 99% drought affected New South Wales. Things are pretty grim for our farmers.🚰

    • Kangeroo
      Next year is certainly going to be interesting, the folk I spoke to on holiday pretty much don’t care if the UK leaves the EU or not as they don’t really come here and are pretty sick of the years and years of UK moaning about about how crap everything is.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Ricky says:

    Recharged , ready to go again then ? Looks like you and the wife had a good holiday .

    • Ricky
      Yeah had a relaxing time apart from all the travelling, I am not s good traveller as I find the process really boring and can’t be bothered with the security stuff, it all feels over the top. Sicily is nice and if I had more energy I would have had a real look around but this holiday for me was about relaxing as much as possible and just chilling out and I was able to do that to a degree so I am glad.

      Thanks for commenting.

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