Something Different: Meteor

Now that I am on annual leave I have some movies I’ve had recorded for ages to watch and one of them is this classic from 1979.

Being a 70s disaster movie it had a host of big names, no doubt like Swarm, all doing the movie for the big pay cheque, but they did come up with a b movie classic.

The movie has Sean Connery, Brian Keith, Karl Malden, Henry Fonda, Natalie Wood, Martin Landau and Trevor Howard to name a few. The basis of the movie is as the title suggests, a huge Meteor threatening the planet with a lot of Cold War narrative thrown in for good measure, and the traditional very stupid military general, American of course.

The dialogue is grim and cringe worthy for most of the film, the actors ham it up big time and look bored for the most part. Brian Keith plays a Russian scientist who only speaks Russian with Natalie Wood his interpreter, this gets annoying after about 10 minutes. Sean Connery plays the other scientist and is pretty much angry for most of the film, Bond he ain’t in this film.

The special effects by today’s standards are pretty poor but again for the time they are similar in standard to the Black Hole, not great but I have seen worse. The special effects come into their own as disasters strike the world which is played out in avalanches, tsunamis , earthquakes etc in various nations around the world and is actually pretty ambitious for the movie.

However, spoiler alert, the Russians and the Americans have secret nuclear missiles in space pointing down at each other and can change their direction to fire at the meteor. Don’t you just hate when that happens lol. Anyway it’s up there as a classic for me, I love these old disaster movies and can feel an Airplane 77 coming on soon.

So, I’m off to Italy, then Manchester in a couple of days so if I blog it will just be some photos from Sicily and the home of The Smiths.



  1. Ricky

    This was a horrendous movie , like a lot of 70’s disaster movies . These types of movies are very rarely any good , The Towering Inferno , Poseidon Adventure , The China Syndrome are the only passable 3 in a genre that should always remain in the 70’s never to be seen again . Having said that I did watch Highlander 2 last night , from 1991 starring Sean Connery and it was so dated and awful , my memory of the movie has been tarnished .

    • grumpyscottishman

      It has its moments to be fair but definitely a B movie and Connery is not good in it at all. It def is of its age and it shows. Highlander 2 was awful, mistake from start to finish and did not make any sense at all. When I get back from Italy I might source Airport 77 as haven’t seen that since I was a kid.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. grumpyscottishman


    There was Airport in 1975 with Kirk Douglas and Dean Martin but I can’t remember seeing that one. Then Airport 75 with Charlton Heston and George Kennedy. We had Airport 77 with Jack Lemmon and James Stewart and finally Airport 79 the Concorde with Robert Wagner and George Kennedy who actually appeared in them all. I might just pick them all up and watch.

    Thanks for commenting.

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