The Union Dividend

This is what union means, so glad we are members.



    • Anonymous

      I know you can’t write this stuff. We have to build a pipeline once independent as water is never going to be an issue to us and something we can sell to them for a high price in future, they won’t care they will just pass on to the consumer.

      Thanks for commenting.

  1. Helena Brown

    Ouch, one of my neighbours who has moved from the South East of England tells me he is paying more for his water and that the water tasted better down there. The last bit finished me, London water passes through so many people I would gag to drink it. Methinks a bit of a fairy story because we pay for water and sewage together and unlimited fresh clean tasty water.
    Scotland if it remains England’s third colony, will remain a waste land, bone dry and starving. Visiting Welsh relatives in the late sixties, South Wales, the lack of passion was palpable. Funnilly enough my cousin’s Grandparents, both Welsh speakers both in 80’s/90’s had more desire for an independent Wales.

    • Anonymous

      I have heard that water bills are crippling down south for some people and what do we pay here, £7.00 per month or something. I also don’t drink the tap water when I am in London and places as it doesn’t taste right and one time in London the water was slightly tan and it gave me the boke, I don’t drink tap water all that much here as I prefer flavoured water but when I do it certainly is better than down south in my opinion. If I were Welsh folk I would really peed off at that caption, during the Irish famine the UK were shipping food out of Ireland, disgusting Government who don’t give a crap.

      Thanks for commenting.

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